Why are our asses soft and mushy

into the red of his rectum and rummaged around in it. It was soft, hot and mushy and it even smelled more than fierce. Tim moaned in pleasure as I met me


1 Two brothers on spring break - From Internet forum ca Part 5 Original in English - Translated, changed and corrected by Norbert Essip - July 2018 And now it goes on: Tim got a look of concentration on his face and whispered "Look at my anus, Scott ". As I stared at his puffy, protruding asshole, my teen brother grunted a little. His hole and the whole area around it stretched and pushed out. Fuck! Tim's asshole was immense now. Through the dim light from inside the bedroom, I could see Tim's asshole sticking out about two or three inches and really open. I could even see some of its bright red interior at the opening. Tim continued to push his hole out further and it opened even more and stuck with the intestinal juice. "That's so hot, I said, regarding his previous action." I wish I could make mine this big too. "-" I think I can make it even bigger, "Tim whispered" if you could help me "Yes, go on, show me." He grunted and pressed even harder. This time his hole opened even wider and I could see his shiny red rectum as Tim suddenly began to fart. It was more of a deep rumble than a fart and that lasted at least a minute or more. I could see his big fat ass lips vibrate. I was so excited and tingly now that I thought I was just seeing his big anus alone and hear him fart for me that I ejaculate without jerking off "Oh man it's so big Tim! Can i touch it Please? "I begged." Yes Scott, reach out your hand and touch it. "As I leaned over to touch my big brother's huge, swollen anus, he began to masturbate slightly. It was so cool to see How he started to jerk off in front of me! I understood that from now on I would no longer have to play secretly with myself, it would be okay for us to piss and masturbate in front of each other. I was really nervous because my left hand was in contact with Tim's fat teen after doing. This was the most sexual thing I've ever done. My hand was literally shaking as my fingers lightly touched his ass lips. As I rubbed them, Tim continued to push his asshole in and out like one it makes a fart, and it made slurping noises that aroused me. His ass lips felt big and rubbery. They were also slippery and completely covered in shiny ass slime. When he really pushed out again, stuck I put a finger in its hole and felt the red inside, and it was even slimier. Tim farted again, and some gold-colored stuff spurted out of its big hole and onto my hand. "Do you take your wet fingers and really lick them, OK?" asked Tim. I nodded as I brought my greasy hand to my mouth. Tim's ass and shit smells were really strong on my fingers and made my hard-on twitch as I sniffed them while Tim watched. My stomach was wet with semen oozing out of my penis. His surprise was that I actually put my dirty fingers in my mouth and licked them with my eyes open. I drooled a lot of spit over it too. The taste was awesome in an unusual way, a little salty and bitter. It reminded me of a couple of my secrets when I was really rude and wanted to taste my snot. Well, it didn't stop with just sucking on my fingers. I wanted to lick my brother's asshole more and he seemed ready for it when I got back there. Tim had grabbed his ass cheeks and was pulling them apart as he pushed his asshole out again. "Are you ready?" I asked and Tim said yes and again let a big wet one out of his big asshole. I stayed there and stuck four wet, spit-covered fingers

2 into the red of his rectum and rummaged around in it. It was soft, hot and mushy and it even smelled more than fierce. Tim wailed in pleasure as I gently guided my fingers all over him. It was really loose and I got really sucked into its hole over time. I could feel his asshole move over my hand and wrist. "Oh man, Tim, this is really huge, you know?" I whispered. "Yes, it feels so good when it gets this big. -" Have you ever stretched as far as you do now? "I asked. Tim looked at me and said visibly excited." Often times, Scott. When I'm as stretched out as I am now, my shit heaps are huge. "-" Like before, when you gave a shit on Aaron? "-" No, that one was just normal for me. I've already made much bigger piles of rubbish, "said Tim," you want to see it sometime? "-" Yes, "I answered." Will you now show me how big my asshole is? I want to make it as super stretched as yours. "-" Oh man, Scott, I really feel like showing you all this stuff. Do you let me watch your big shit come out? I just nodded yes and watched Tim spit a lot in the palm of his hand and then let his saliva flow onto my wrist. "Put your whole hand in me, Scott. I want you to really try it." - "Are you sure that it fits?" I didn't mean to hurt him. "It sure fits," he said. Tim pressed really hard and splashed piss on his bare chest. Meanwhile, I pressed my thumb into the palm of my hand and folded it up very small and pushed it into his open bowel. It was amazing. My hand easily disappeared into my brother's rectum. "Oh fuck, Tim my whole hand is in your asshole." I started gently moving my hand in and out for a while until Tim got used to it. Gradually I built up speed and my hand began to go deeper into my brother's gut. His hole began to make louder muddy noises as it moved and I worked it with my fist for a while. By now I had leaned forward so far that my face was only inches from my brother's huge anus. He had gotten really calm as I continued to fist him. So I looked up and saw that Tim was rubbing his left hand over his piss-impregnated chest while digging his nose with his right hand. He saw me looking at him and it embarrassed him, he quickly pulled his finger out of his nostril. "It's OK, Tim. Keep picking your nose, I'll be happy to too." - "Really?" he asked almost plaintively. "Watch this, yes." While carefully holding my left hand in his asshole, I poked my right index finger into my nostril and started digging around in it. Seeing me pick my nose encouraged Tim to go back and do it, too. "Oh god, Scott," he moaned. He wiped a large piece of his nasal mucus on his cock, so I followed his example and did the same thing. Suddenly I farted violently. I forgot how full I was. I sure hadn't shit in more than a day. The smell of my gas was really strong and my hard cock started twitching so hard it hit my stomach as I was bending over my brother. Tim stopped picking his nose and just looked at me for more than a second and then asks, "Are you ready to shit, Scott? -" Yeah, I am, I have a really full feeling. "-" I can watch that you do it now? "-" OK. "I pulled my hand out of his ass and held it up, it was no longer completely clean. We could both see how it was smeared with brown ass juice. - Since me put me back in the chair and pushed my ass out to the edge again, grunted Tim. His hole opened and closed several times and a big dollop of ass slime and spit oozed out and fell on the tiled balcony floor. I shivered so badly from the sight of

3 Tim's huge teenage aft, the exit was wide open, making that nasty stuff burp out of him. Tim wanted to show me how rude his asshole is now because he knew I loved it. Only then did I let out another fart and Tim immediately whispered, "Do it Scott. Poop your shit out." I pushed hard and whined, "I have to push my poop out. Tim began to jerk off even harder as my asshole was pushed out very big. My latte got even stiffer and stood out from my abdomen, and floated straight as a bolt the air and blew out another really loud and long fart. Then without warning my body lost control and my rectum and bladder exploded simultaneously. A heavy stream of piss shot up over my chest, face and over my head to over the Balcony. At the same time I could feel a huge, heavy pile of shit starting to slide out of my anus. It felt like forever when the poop came out. It felt like it must be more than a foot long , and urine continued out of me. I've never shit and pissed so hard. When the first Kackwurst was all out, we both heard her a fell on the balcony floor. I still continued to piss hard while my brother stared at me in amazement at what my young teen asshole had produced for him. As I pissed tremendously hard, a series of four or five loud, sharp farts blew out of my anus. Then, before my piss flow really started to die off, I opened my mouth and squirted the rest of it right into my mouth. And Tim just watched me drink my urine. Finally the current slowed down until my pisser was only dripping over the hairless stomach and hips. Piss was still running down my chest and you could hear it dripping on the balcony. "Oh fuck, Scott," Tim finally said, "that was a huge pile of shit. Did it feel really good when he came out?" - "It felt so good" I exclaimed, "My asshole got so big and I could feel it oozing out through the anus." We were very still for a second as I felt a rumble in my bowels. "I think I have more shit inside of me." - "Really?" Scott whined. "Is it okay if I catch it in my hand? I want to hold your poop for you." I just nodded to avoid saying the wrong thing. This was the coolest thing I had ever done, I hadn't even dared to fantasize about something like that. "Tim, you have to promise me that at some point I'll get such a shit pile on me from you too, OK?" I begged. "Only if you give a shit about me too, Scott." I nodded an agreement and began hard to express. "Here it comes Tim, I plan to shit some more." He leaned forward further and held out his left hand as I began to press hard. A larger but softer load came out of my ass, all on his hand that was underneath. My shit kept coming out, it seemed like the longest time of my life that I poop. I guess I was really full. When I was finally done, Tim leaned back so that we were sitting across from each other in the chairs here in the open air. Our legs, which we had draped over the armrests, touched and squeezed out our teenage holes again. Which were now both smeared with a brown spread. He raised his left hand and held a huge sausage of my shit for us to admire. "God, Scott, this is so hot," he said. "You really dumped a bigger load. I mean, check out your shit heap that fell down on the floor and in my hand." He waved his hand to the balcony floor so I could lean over to look. Fuck! It was one of my best pieces of shit I've ever shit I think. It was long and so heavy that even when it hit the concrete it was still in pretty good shape. As I leaned back in the chair, I looked at Tim and told him that I like to watch him hold my shit pile. He smiled and picked it up

4 up his face and sniffed it. I was so horny now that I started picking my nose again. My handsome brother said now, "Your asshole now looks very stretched after you shit empty. Do you want me to try to fuck you now?" I liked the idea but still feared it would hurt a lot too. "Approved, but we need something as a lubricant to get yours in better, right? I'm not as big down there as you are there." Tim grinned at me and held up his shit-filled hand and said, "Is it OK if I use this?" - "That works for it." This was such a great idea. So Tim took a large piece of my two softer poop sausages and started rubbing everything over his stand. Then he lowered his legs to the floor and came a little closer. His shit smeared hard man was standing bolt upright all the time. Then Tim took his shit smeared right hand and started massaging my asshole. It felt amazing to have my own brother massage my wide open puffy asshole. And his big hard cock covered in my shit looked even better than before. "The trick is now," he began to teach, "you really have to push out really hard, as if you had to push your hardest shit out, while I push my cock into you ..." - "OK" I said. Tim grabbed his plunger and held it in front of my asshole and rubbed the shitty glans over it, and when I pressed my hole open, he began to slowly push his cock head in. "Are you ready?" asked he. I nodded and grunted heavily and he headed for my anus and then I felt his big penis begin to come into my gut. When the glans was through the anus, Tim suddenly pushed his whole pelvis forward with a jerk, but with feeling. There was a sharp pain for a moment, as if a sting stung me. Then his big cock was already in there. He paused in his movement for a few moments while I got used to this new fullness in me. "Start fucking me ..." I gasped, ready to feel my brother's huge cock slide over my anal lips and rectal walls. Tim started slowly with his movements, which got deeper and faster inside me each time. Pretty soon I felt how he was fucking my ass in very deep thrusts. "I feel your pubic hair on my ass," I said to him. He just stared down at my stretched hole that was around his huge boy's cock. "That's so great too, Scott. Your asshole is huge now," he puffed. "How does it feel?" - "Yes, it feels great, it would be the greatest to be fucked by you after every shit." - "This is the best so far, Scott. I'll hold your garbage heap and I'll fuck you at the same time." He was getting faster now, so he was getting a little out of breath. "Tim, let me have some of that shit. I want to wank that too, OK?" I knew I had to blow my load out soon, and I wanted to cover my big boy in my foul smelling shit and cum while doing it. He held his hand over and I grabbed a baseball-sized piece of shit with my right hand and spread it all over my backside. The shit pushed out between my fingers when I picked it up again after smearing it to make a hard jerk. As soon as I coated him well, I started masturbating while Tim rammed his cock into me even faster. I could feel his cock rubbing over my prostate in my rectum and penetrating deeper into me. (he explained it to me later). This gave me a warm feeling inside, spreading from my ass, up the shaft of my cock every time his cock thrust into it. So we were where we wanted to be. He fucked me harder and sweat began to pour from his fiery-smelling armpits. And the sweat ran down my body, too, and made everything stickier ... - Tim even farted

5 fucking a couple of times and I asked him, "are you still pushing your asshole out?" - "Yeah, I can't stop it. I'm really close to cum because it feels so good to fuck your crate. I think your insides feel almost like Aaron's. I mean, your ass rubs me immediately brings to unload. " - "I'm almost ready too, Tim" I moaned as I felt my orgasm building up quickly."Me too, Scott, I come in you." Tim suddenly stopped completely and I could feel the splashes of his hot cum hit my ass walls as my brother ejaculated inside me. I was now on the verge of shooting down my young teen sperm load, as Tim already tore his cock out of me and got up. "Look at my cock, Scott." It was an incredible sight. His penis was still super-heavy and covered in a lot of shit and dripping semen. "Oh god Tim, this is so hot." I could barely breathe now as my orgasm began. "Please show me your asshole too, OK?" I begged. He turned around and quickly flexed his ass in my direction, pushing his dirty prick back between his spread legs. Tim was squeezing his anus really hard, and a big dollop of his ass slime dripped down onto my crotch. Seeing my sexy brother shit almost got me down. I reached out my left hand and stroked his big, shit-smeared cock and in the same moment I shot off the biggest load of cum of my young life. It landed on my face and everything went over my piss covered chest. I was in convulsions from the intensity of my ejaculation. I finally came down from my orgasm and let go of my slimy cock. Tim turned around and leaned a little lower to admire the huge load of cum I'd squirted all over me. He began to piss on me slightly as I was blown away from the orgasm and even let off some piss myself. It felt so good to end this incest with my big brother urinating on me while we both looked at our shit smeared hands and cocks. - We were both pretty calm at first, but were clearly pleased with the mess we'd made. It was just time we cleaned up. Tim picked up my first pile of shit and carried it to the bathroom and dropped it in the toilet. I sat up and rubbed Tim's sperm and my shit on my body and Tim watched me. - When we showered together, we got another guy. So we used the opportunity to blow each other the hard way. We both crouched in front of each other and jerked off, licking the other's asshole. Then, while we were masturbating and licking our asses in the shower, Tim said, "You know, Aaron said he'd licked shit before and even ate it." - "Seriously?" This sounded too awful but also awesome, as far as I could just guess, after such a mess. "Yeah. Maybe we should build up a big load and see if he eats ours?" Tim smiled at the suggestion. "Well what if he wants us to eat too?" I asked. Tim looked at me, grinned maliciously and said, "I hope so, because I like him a lot ..." And with immediate certainty I said, "I hope so too". And then we both blew off our load almost simultaneously, all on top of each other ...