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The three best Hearthstone decks in March

If you're Tryhards, you should craft these decks

Fancy Hearthstone? With these decks you can achieve Legend easy!

It's March now and the meta has had enough time to solidify. There are a few decks that stand out that are better than the rest. That's what you're here for, you old Tryhards. All right, those are the best decks in March 2021:

Secret Mage

code: AAEBAf0EAvcNleEDDnG7AuwF17YC67oCh70CwcECj9MCvqQD3akD9KsDwrgDkOEDkeEDAA


  • 2x Cabal lackey
  • 2x Mythical Mysteries
  • 2x arcane battle mage
  • 2x arcanologist
  • 2x Medivh's valet
  • 2x counterspell
  • 2x explosive runes
  • 2x Kirin Tor Mage
  • 2x Netherwind Portal
  • 2x fair fraud
  • 2x fireball
  • 2x Occult Summoner
  • 2x cloud prince
  • 2x Cabal Crystal Messenger
  • 2x Darkmoon Seer Sayge
  • 2x mad scientist

Secret Mage - a classic that just doesn't get old. In terms of value for money, this deck is unbeatable.

Ramp paladin

code: AAECAZ8FCIoHh60D / LgDw9EDm9gD / N4DjeEDveEDC6cIm6kD + 7gD87sD / tEDh9QD / tsD + d4D5uEDkeQDkuQDAA ==


  • 1x Murgur Murgurgle
  • 2x Redscale Dragon Tamer
  • 2x deep light anglers
  • 1x Nozdormu the Timeless
  • 1x carousel gripper
  • 1x High Abbess Alura
  • 2x Murloc packs
  • 2x armaments seller
  • 1x acidic mud
  • 2x crab rider
  • 2x rod maker
  • 2x Murloc leader
  • 2x fishy flier
  • 2x muscle man
  • 2x fairground clown
  • 1x Darkmoon Rabbit
  • 1x Nzoth, god of the depths
  • 2x junkyard giant
  • 1x Y’Shaarj, the defiler

Here you get fat minions with awesome effects. If you prefer that to clunky secrets, then craft Ramp Paladin.

Aggro rogue

code: AAECAaIHAA / LA8YFiAfiB4YJubgDz7kDqssDn80DitQD1dQD99QD590D890DgeQDAA ==


  • 2x preparation
  • 2x Deadly Poison
  • 2x nitro booster poison
  • 2x price looters
  • 2x secret passage
  • 2x sinister thrust
  • 2x master spy
  • 2x evisceration
  • 2x dizziness
  • 2x way of gray hearts
  • 2x self-sharpening sword
  • 2x beatings
  • 2x spring clips
  • 2x worm spikes
  • 2x devious thief

This deck is probably not only the strongest, but also one of the cheapest decks out there. Even if you didn't have a single card, it would cost less than 3,500 Dust to craft the entire deck. If you can scrape that together, you should definitely check out Aggro Rogue.

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