There are Ayahuasca shamans in Bolivia

Ayahuasca - A trip to the spirits of yourself! - Old Amazon ritual or new fashion drug?

Ayahuasca - immersion in a trance to become one with yourself, your past, your power animals, your spirits and nature. A shamanic cleansing ritual performed in the jungle of the Amazon. A path to self-discovery or just a putrid magic with the "liana of the spirits"? I've tried it.

That's exactly what I want to find out for myself. Ayahuasca is probably the most important shamanistic tool in the Amazon. The Amazon Indians consume ayahuasca in ritual ceremonies to get into a very deep trance state to get.

Depending on where you want to travel in this trance state, you will reach yoursSpirits and ancestors, can in the future or in yours Previous life can look at their Power animals connect for more Self-knowledge, cure for yourself, new healing methods, medicinal herbs or find and strengthen the strength to heal others.


Anyone who knows me knows that I find it fascinating and that I can't resist something like that :-D My curiosity is mine Crossing boundaries and me with connect something that is a part of me that I am however could never achieve.

As part of my rainforest adventure in Peru "Adventure Amazon jungle - discovery tour for all daring & intrepid!", Our guide, whom I trust very much, recommends this to us Ritual with the shaman of his village in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

We meet the shaman in his village. He explains the ritual to us and Wilder translates it. The shaman does not speak English. He guides us through his Herb garden and tells us which plants he uses to cure which diseases. We should not take photos because the shaman fears that these strange devices could adversely affect the healing powers of the plants and their spirit.

For the ritual becomes a hallucinogenic Brew from plants manufactured withLianas, Leaves of coffee bushes and any roots. There is something like an altar in the middle of his huge, naturally grown herb garden. It is a sacred, high energy place. Here are the ingredients for the Ayahuasca SudCooked for 32 hours to a thick brown liquid. Collecting the ingredients and preparing the brew is a ritual in itself.

The ritual will take place in our lodge the next evening. From now on there is no more alcohol or sex :) and from tomorrow morning no more food, no coffee, tea and only water on the day of the ritual. The shaman gives Wilder a few leaves, which we get prepared as tea the next morning.



The way to ayahuasca trance is putrid-bitter & smoky!

We meet in an empty lodge at our camp. The shaman brings themdeep brown liquid in a old plastic cola bottle With. We each sit on a mattress on the floor. Wilder is there and translates everything that remains to be said.

Next to us there are plastic buckets, because most of them will vomit and diarrhea during this ritual. Toilets are around the corner. That was not clear to me and it worries me easily. Because vomiting is actually one of those horrible experiences for me personally (that's probably a lot different than most people).

Ayahuasca comes from the indigenous language Quechua and means translated "Liana of the spirits / dead " or "Tendril of souls„.

The Ayahuasca Sud even stinks terribly - putrid, fermented, infinitely bitter. Once you smell it too much, you won't want to drink it anymore. Even the shaman recommends drinking everything (approx. 2-3 large shot glasses) in one big sip, Wilder translates, because nobody is guaranteed to drink this liquid a second time. I'm getting a little queasier.

The ceremony begins with one to himself mumbling chants and a rhythmically struckTufts of leaves, the "chapada". It sounds like a mixture of rattle and the sound that the wind elicits from the mighty treetops of the jungle when it moves them.

Then he lights one Cigarette and blows the Smoke over our heads the shaman continues to sing his song. He sits down again and rustles with tufts of leaves to his song. Then we willthick smoke right on the face blown. In the next round we are supposed to take a few deep breaths of the cigarette ourselves. For me as a non-smoker not exactly trance-supporting :)

I haven't eaten anything all day and now I'm sitting in thick cigarette smoke. I'm getting pretty sick. The smoke in the Ayahuasca ceremony has one cleansing effect and should with it the Clear the way, the positive energy and to be able to pick up and accept the good spirits.

We are given the brew in a cut-off Coca-Cola bottle, which replaces a glass and has probably never seen fresh water. The smell is stinking and pungent. I stop my breathing and drink. I have to swallow twice and the second time it chokes me terribly. I try to calm myself down and breathe calmly and deeply. My stomach cramps. Just keep breathing and think of all the beautiful things that are about to come. I have trouble not jumping up and spitting it all out again.

The shaman sits down across from us again. Wilder mumbles in my ear that I can lie down too. I do that and my stomach seems to gradually relax and the gag reflex is less.


Curiosity & Discovery Tour to the Spirits of Myself and "All That Is"

Throughout most of the ceremony, our shaman sings - "icarospowerful chants, to the to invite good spirits. Between he whistles gently in the same rhythm as the songs. Together with the Rustling of leaves this is a trance in itself.

The Chanting, the Rustling of the leaves and the Pipes become a unit in which I feel infinitely secure and welcome. Somehow they don't necessarily get louder, but always clearer and more intense. I immerse myself in this largest jungle, full of life and full of green. Everything is a kind of all-encompassing consciousness. The only thing I perceive in a very concrete form is mine Power animal. It stands there like I'm on this one Protect trip. My power animal shows me ways and insights, guides me, provides me with positive energy and helps me to absorb and “understand” everything. It is there when I briefly startle in this world and gently lead me back again.

Always embedded in the rustling of the grass and the murmuring chant, which gradually gives way to the quiet whistling.

It feels like a journey for me that brings together everything that all of my past and present souls have ever had in terms of positive experience. It is a absolute detachment from space and time and an overwhelming, gentle, calm feeling of happiness that can only come from another level of consciousness.

After about 5 or 6 hours - the singing, the whistling and the rustling of leaves have stopped at some point - I come back very gently and peacefully to the here and now.



Ayahuasca - The After

We sit together a little longer without speaking, in order to fully arrive at this reality again. At some point the shaman says goodbye and we go back to our lodge.

As I step out of the smoky room into the still warm, damp wall of rainforest air, I become very unfriendly aware of the here and now. My stomach is tightening more than ever. Cramps that get worse and worse. I feel weak and try to get back to our lodge as quickly as possible via the footbridges. I feel sick. When I arrive at our lodge, I feel the irresistible urge to turn my insides inside out. I spend the rest of the night chills and sweats on the toilet.

Instead of taking the early morning bird watching tour, I go to bed and try to sleep. I get up around noon. I'm fine again. I feel liberated and they positive energy from the ritual remains currently. Many scraps of thoughts from that night keep popping up in my life. The Energies are there, accessible, never again in the same intensity, but still do me good. Sometimes I smile and am happy about all of them wonderful experiencesI've been allowed to do and all of them experience, that one waiting for me outside.


Ayahuasca Trance - My conclusion:

I think good for methat I dared and made this journey to myself.

Would I repeat this ritual? “Never say never” :) I found the trance itself uniquely positive, beautiful, detached from everything and at the same time connected to everything: with nature, my dreams and wishes, with my power animal, with my old souls, my past and future. Detached from any time and any sense of space.

The smoking ritual, the ayahuasca brew itself and this urge of my body to want to get rid of everything that is in it was also the most violent thing I have ever experienced of this kind. The physical emptying of the body should, however, also go hand in hand with the emptying of garbage of the mind.

To attend such a ceremony means to me to trust someone very much. I only knew the shaman from a brief conversation. I trusted Wilder because someone as enthusiastic as he always has my trust.

Ayahuasca has now also become popular in Europe. In Austria the rituals with the hallucinogenic brew are allowed. As always, many self-proclaimed shamans will want to make quick money with this trend - as they have done in the jungle now. For myself this comes Ritual only there in question wherever it comes from, connected for me with the respect for the cultural heritage (Ayahuasca has the status of a national cultural heritage in Peru) and shamanistic traditions.

Ayahuasca is used in Amazonian Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, in the Orinoco Delta from Venezuela to the Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador.

Would i recommend it to you? In this article I would like to share part of my Ayahuasca experience with you. As you will notice as you read, this is one very personal experiencethat you might have described differently in other words. You cannot infer your experience from my experience. In general, I would only recommend such a ritual to spiritually open people :)


Important note & caution:

I am an absolute layman! I do not lay claim to the correct rendering of the ritual for everyone. Everything that has been written here comes from my experience, my memory and the desire to get closer to my spirituality.

As with all other psychedelics, including ayahuasca, one cannot foresee the experience. The most people report very positive experiencesa feeling of being reborn, but there is also the opposite.

As with all changes in consciousness, yours will be Sensations aggravated and maybe strongly intensified. So I would do such a ritual at all only recommend if you are emotionally well.

It was already phenomenal healing processeswith ayahuasca kicked off. For me personally, "faith moves mountains". Ayahuasca can perhaps help you to connect with your positive energies in a more sustainable way and to sharpen your awareness, but it is not to be seen as "medicine" for healing physical symptoms (in my understanding).

If you want to read more on this topic, I can recommend the Ayahuasca Info page, for example.


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Have you already experienced such a shamanic Ayahuasca Amazon ritual or similar rituals or had similar experiences? Please write it to me in the comments, I'm very interested!


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