How do customers perceive value

Instead of swimming in your own juice and possibly wasting your improvement efforts on budget-oriented sub-optimization, supporting areas such as IT, HR, Purchasing or Controlling should first be clear about what contribution they make to the bigger picture, i.e. to added value in the Companies, perform.

A change of perspective often helps in practice: Imagine your department is a shop that has to advertise its products and services in the shop window or on the website. How would you describe your products / services and the customer benefits? And what benefit does the "real" or external customer have from this in the end?

If you are careful and consistent at this point, you will save yourself the waste of valuable resources on useless projects and you will then find it easier to carry out tasks that were previously taken for granted, such as writing e-mails, holding meetings, creating reports and Presentations or the filing of documents to question.

On the other hand, this leaves more resources (time, attention, budget) for the really important things. This means activities that serve the purpose of providing services for the customer and sustainably advance the company, such as product innovations and the further development of personnel.

For management, however, this ultimately means saying goodbye to budget-driven silo thinking.