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Indiana Tribune, Volume 16, Number 288, Indianapolis, Marion County, July 7, 1893 - Page 2

JlldZana grandstand. Appears Alig lich and S o n n t n g s.

The daily grandstand cost by the Triigei 22 Gent 3 prr week, the Sunday grandstand 6 EcntS per week. Both together 15 SentS 'or 83 CcntS per month. Sent by post in advance payment X per year. Office: Nope. 18 South Alabama St. Indianapolis, Ind., July 7, 1893 (fefieciasHm.), Llus der LSeltauSstelltngSstadt. Chicago, early July. After the last descendant of Columbus had been ordered to come here on Spanish soil and feasted him for weeks, it was actually quite appropriate. that also the people of the original world exhibition, namely the 9th descendants of the Indian tribes, who have only lived on the land of what is now Chicago, on the river where it stinks, "are coming. In a strength of 61 people, SquawZ and Pa poosas they have moved into the Midway Plaijance, which already has an Indian village, and have settled in the nearest neighborhood of the Chinese theater. Hopefully they are better neighbors than the oldest provisions of the redskins from the Asian region and hopefully the Indian war and ghost dances and the Chinese theatrical performances are not causing the Caucasian ears to see too much disharmony The Pottawatomies and Winnebagos must feel on the same ground, au f to whom their ancestors are enthroned as masters, have returned as curiosities and beggars, in the face of the gathering of all nations! "The Midway Plaisance is really the main seat of opposites and their union into a higher whole, and for this reason alone I thought it particularly advisable to refer to the above human mosaic, as precisely that part of the great international pedestrian path (the western end of it ) Until now, many visitors have treated them as a stepchild, including, for example, the Lapland village, the blue grotto of Capri and other attractions. However, this has a very forgivable cause Plaisanc? As far as the German peat "and Alt-W! En" has penetrated, he usually feels tied up by overly strong magic. Here is his comfort: his limbs seem unusually tired to him, the sunburn and the dusty path may be necessary Bother others, and now he just keeps singing: More beer, more beer! And don't go back home again? (Fvrei to Simrock.) After all, I myself have repeatedly been under the spell and I am not ashamed of it! Occasionally, however, X.ot. p.mlt (! M Xn.i it st XrtH ucui uiiuiuiuiy. uuuf 3U uy UUP 11 divides his tent appropriately and tries to penetrate far west. On the way back he can always meet with the funny Viennese or in German Dors relax without having to kill a new silver disc (if he has given himself a new retnrn c'ieck "). Our Canadian cousins ​​have now also had their world exhibition day, which the telegraph boy must have already told you about. The lanomirthschastliche exhibition The Canucken "is instantly gaining particular interest for the Europeans, and especially for the Germans, because the former are now excellently appointed to remedy the food shortage that has died out in the old fatherland as a result of the drought. Sleepy Canada is still something good, and its school exhibition even suggests that it could one day become a great intellectual power if its race and language contradictions were once overcome are. Of course, Canadian Day and all other special affairs take a back seat to the Glorious Fourth! It has already begun, the colorful swarm and din over the uniform aegid of the ternary banner is approaching, but the lightning device is already ready to give you the kitchen slip of July 4th, and probably the 22,500 American active participants to puff the world exhibition in particular - I will leave this office to him with pleasure, flee from the turmoil northwards into the hallowed halls of art. Here I am recently in the German and the Austrian Section strolled around a little. It would be a useless endeavor on the part of the letter writer to wander from one work of art to another in the eighty galleries of the Kunstoalast! Not even if I just enumerated everything in the catalog, I would be done with it as soon as possible I actually only came here today to take a breather from the crowd, I'd like to e I indulge in some total impressions in which I was told to pay special attention to this or that glorious creation. That countries like Oesterleich. German . country, Italy, France. Belgium and Holland are brilliantly represented at this art exhibition, is in the end something self-evident - a comparison to the art in earlier world äusöellungen is the surprisingly stronger representation of the Scandinavian. Navi'ian countries as well as Australia especially'rs bemeikenZwerth. The painting and visual arts of Norway and Sweden make the impression of being one

promising Knoivemeit. what a blooming bloom may follow in the foreseeable future. In Danish art the bud has already opened, and it is only to be regretted that his sculptural creations are not represented more strongly in the Kunstpalast; but there are some additions to this in other buildings of the World Exhibition Center, notably in the Danish pavilion of the Palace of Industry. That Australian art, for all its liveliness, still has little independence. understands itself, but the pictures of the native flora at least show an original conception. It can at least be said of Russian painting that it is worthy of claiming at this exhibition the height it has occupied for a few years. I have already made peculiar Japanese art the subject of an official visit. What a great, grateful garbage market the Ber. Forming states, one gets instructive excitement about this if one looks at the collection of works from the country, which are temporarily borrowed from American private galleries. Some of the most famous foreign painters, e. B. the French Jeän JranczoiZ. Millais, are represented much better here than in the own exhibition of the countries concerned! If the United States also has very little to show in its 35,000 square feet of space that rises above mediocrity, then it is. their art of purchasing ability the more developed. why their indirect contribution to encouraging art should not be underestimated! It wants to be evening, the crowd has to some extent spread, and we can dare to go outside again and strive for a refreshment spot. But watch out for your wallet, because the mischief has increased since the Columbian police were reduced for reasons of economy, and the thieves are getting closer to the exhibition audience than they used to be! But Vonnöthen is not overly afraid, the first alarm has already been enough to encourage countermeasures, and you are still as safe here as anywhere else among many people. P.K.

mne princely inheritance. The final settlement of sensational mixed cases in the GliickSburger inheritance process and the installation of Duke Friedrich Ferdinand, the brother-in-law of the German emperor, into the full possession of the Glücksburg castle offers many interesting moments. The last owner of the Glücksdurg Castle. the Duchess Wilhelmine, who died two years ago, was the daughter of the Danish King Friedrich VI. In 1828 she married the Crown Prince, later King Frederick VII of Denmark, but after a brief unhappy marriage she divorced him and married the brother of the current King Christian IX, Duke Carl von Schleswig-Holstein-Glücksburg, at the end of the 1930s. Both marriages were childless; the next heir was Friedrich Ferdinand, Duke Carl's nephew. King Christian IX and raf Schack on Schackenburg near Tondern were appointed executors. . The regulation was suddenly confronted with a number of difficulties. The adopted daughter of the duke couple, Jreiin von Beust. who, against the will of her adoptive parents, got married with the Rittmeister von Raven. made claims to the estate. Duke Friedrich Ferdinand applied for a court decision and the Flensburg Regional Court recognized that Rittmeister von Raven had waived roughly two times to reject the objection. Now King Christian IX. his deputy, the Oberhofmarschall Baron von LöwenSfkiöld, sent to Schleswig to settle the complex inheritance matter. The matter was settled after a conference by Duke Friedrich Ferdinand. Baron v. L. did on behalf of the Danish king? communicated to the duke the obligation that would arise for him from the takeover of the Glücksbürg Castle, which fell to the duke not as a personal inheritance but as a fideicommiss: at the same time, Mr. L. the part about Erb shasi. which is to be given to the Danish crown, the precious gold toilet and the Eoldei, which were kept in the vault of the FlenSburger ReichSbant and were insured with other treasures of the inheritance for almost 200,000 marks. The gold toilet, all ten objects and crockery of which are made of solid gold and worth 60,000 marks. has an interesting history: In 1791, Denmark gave Queen Sophie Fridertte as a present on the occasion of her marriage to Queen Friedrich VI. the gold toilet. When the spotty financial crisis broke out in Denmark in 1813, many people had money minted from their jewelry. The queen also resolved to sacrifice her valuables, including the gold toilet. Thirty-Eight Representatives Copenhagen? wanted to prevent this; f, e bought the toilet, which consists of schüi, sein, jugs, cans, etc., and passed them on to the new de, queen. The latter gave her daughter, Princess Wilhelmine, when she married the future King Friedrich VIl. the gold toilet. According to the old rule, the Danish king’s daughter was to return it to the Köntgshau'e if Glücksburg Castle were to pass into other hands. This has now happened. ,. The latest from ParlS. The Paris Journal "recently published a fantastic-sounding report on the latest military invention which Turpin, the inventor of the explosive device, Melinit, is said to have made in his prison at EtampeS

"Leue rlegZwerkzeug", said it above, is operated by four soldiers and pulled by two horses. According to his system, Turpin can fire four charges within a quarter of an hour, and every Ladunö hurls 25,000 bullets at 500 meters and covers himself on all sides Spreading, geome Irish 22,000 square meters. With the help of this principle, commercial fchifa and fishing boats can take up battle with the largest artillery of warships with the new electric weapon, whose thickest tanks are useless. As for the forts, only of them remain after a few hours Ruins left. " As monstrous as that seems, Temps "and Figaro" had themselves convinced by Turpin that the matter was based on truth. On land, "says the latter, the difficulties of artillery transport, which are often so difficult to overcome, no longer exist. The heavy siege guns no longer have any reason to be, for the new weapon will have a hundredfold more terrible effect due to its extraordinary lightness The invention is based on electricity; it is presented in such a simple form that Turpin will not patent it in order not to let it fall into the community. He will, we believe, for reasons which we do not have to go into, nor the Minister of War among broads. Incidentally, no long preparation is necessary to exploit the invention. A month will be enough for Turpin to complete the new armament which he is preparing for France His secret will best be kept by himself. "There is the man in the fairy tale who only needs to close his triangular hat to be deadly to let out good shots, against Monsieur Turpin ncch the pure orphan boy! . From Julande. In Oregon a man is thought to be insane just because he speaks of nothing but religion and love. The locomotives of the South Pacisic Railway will soon use nothing other than fire material other than pressed stones made of coal dust and asphalt. Many South Sea island residents believe that only persons of perfect physical shape will enter Paradise, and would rather die than undergo an operation. Five thousand and six immigrants were landed in New Vrk by six damvers on May 30th. It was the strongest immigration day since the introduction of the new registration system. . Eha'rkeS W. Dayton. the new postmaster of New Ork, is the principal owner of the Harlem Reporter 's society journal. He is also an intimate friend of Secretary of War Lamont. In Santa Rosa, Calif., an Italian committed suicide for having had no education He left a written declaration that a man without education was not entitled to live. Wood lice have been haunting the eastern part of Lancafter County, Pa., For months now, and as this tree plague is expected to multiply with the onset of the summer heat, the state has recently turned to Mammoth Spring in ArtansaZ, which is said to be the largest spring in the world, is 70 feet deep, nearly 200 feet in diameter, with 65,000 cubic feet of water flowing every minute with a thousand producing Horse power from the source. The great choir singing praises to the Mormon N'God in the Temple of Zion in Salt Lake City will start three hundred voices at the We Come to the exhibition and let the chants of the Mormon sects resound on Mormon Day, which is moved from September 9th. The fifth drowning death in a family occurred the other day in Jersey City when nine-year-old Willie Savage fell into the water while playing and drowned. His brother drowned at Johnstown three years ago and a week came out of it. Killed his mother and two of his cousins ​​in the same way. A good woman is Mr. S. Anthony of Mapleton, yes. Four crooks broke into her house the other day at midnight, and when they were busy at work, she armed herself with a rifle, surprised them, and so immediately opened fire, instantly killing one. The other two were taken from her and delivered to prison. Eypofiti oti Flyer "is the name of the. New York Central and Lake Syore railways between Nem York and Chicago. Trains that cover you said distance in 20 hours. The first of these trains traveled an average of 50 miles an hour. The trains are likely to have the greatest speed ever achieved in the field of rail transport. 'The lightship John "in Delaware Bay got its unusual ship name from the ship John of Rantucket" of Massachusetts, the one near the square, where the lightship is now , in front of An'er, sank in 1797. The ship was torn down to the skeleton by beach thieves from Bridgeton, NI, and General, Logue from Bridzeton, donated the lighthouse - department of the Gllion des Schiss which now rises from the deck of the Leuchtschissez - The wise and the faithful virgins are now in

some cities staged by the Salvation Army. -Zebn saluteists in long white cloths carry small lamps, five of which burn brightly, the other five not at all; with this they perform the well-known biblical parable, while an adjutant reads out the words to it from the Bible. In the streets of Paradiren, too, the ten virgins and the strange witty Umulg aroused quite a lot of attention. Anyone who visits the State Department in Washington now appreciates the democratic manner in which it has received visitors. ' become. There are no more ... citizens and private secretaries standing between the large American public and the state secretary of the country. Everyone that Mr. Gresham wishes to see. enters without staying and tells him what he wants without any formalities. has to say. The four colored citizens, who had to guard the door in Blaine's time, are now more useful with buckets and rags in the corridors. The youngest preacher in the country is a seven-year-old boy named Rollie Richter, son of the pastor Hugo A. T. Richter of New) ork, who entered the North New York Congregation a few Sundays ago

v-. Ms r vwiljl Wi held a youthful audience. I there; The child prodigy did his job safely to everyone's satisfaction.Without hesitating, and only glancing at his notes occasionally, the young pastor spoke to his audience, most of whom were children, for a whole hour and even accompanied his lecture with the appropriate students. A pretty little story, which proves what an important role German industrial products play in our country, is told by the Louisville Anzeiger: A German-American lady who is planning to pay a visit to her old German homeland wanted to give her little judge in Germany a favor Bring a present, and it was supposed to be something specifically American. After long consulting about what would be the most suitable, she finally bought a plate that was decorated with American landscapes, public buildings in Washington and so on. But when she grabbed her body and took this opportunity to inspect the plate again, she was amazed to discover the words branded on the back: Made i, Gesmany ". Mer niece has now chosen another 'c'chenk, but was pleased: as a German about this yea.ie: ii Ueiinanv ". D, utscheSoea! Achrlchtt. Province of Brandenburg. -.. A Kre? S of admirers of the immortalized Emperor Wilhelm I wants to erect a monument in the park in Ba belsberg. The statue is supposed to represent the dead emperor in a simple overcoat with the self-cut oak stick in his hand, which he used to carry on his walks in the park. A considerable part of the cost of acquiring the monument is said to have already been raised by people who were close to the eternal. S In ArnSwalde the owner of the Zündwaarenfabrik. Franz Sachrow. Eharlottenburg's hundred thousandth resident of Eharlottenburg is now there. It is a girl named Frieda Elisabeth AgneS Werner , Daughter of the parcel postman Werner, Kleiststrasse 10. The girl receives a premium of 300 marks issued by the town council Töbelmann A population of 76,873 counted against 42,371 on December 1, 1835. In the last twenty years, Charlottenburg had a population growth of 23,127 30 per cent. r The long-time city councilor Bernhard Maywald in Charlottenburg. Law Attorney Dr. jur. Joseph Moll in Charlottenourgder has not 'excluded the lawyers' prizes for years. practice, rather. Runs house business, has been sentenced to three years in prison on charges of knowingly perjury. On receipt of the criminal chamber in EberSwalde, the teacher Regener zu NeuBliesdorf was sentenced to a prison sentence of 2 years and 6 months for offenses against morality. A house, two stables and a barn burned down at the train station (district of Neumecklenburg). The resident Zabel could only save himself from the heap with severe burns; his wife had to be pulled out of the flames with hooks; both have since succumbed to their wounds. The wife, Karoline, Braun in LandSberg, who lives separately from her husband. who ran the business of the barrel organ player Hauff, had continued to abuse his five-year-old daughter in such an inhuman way that the child died after terrible suffering. The jury sentenced the dehumanized woman to 12 years in prison, in the province of East Prussia. No less than four new factories are under construction in Konigsberg. Frohmann is proceeding with the establishment of an EtäblissementS, which is concerned with the manufacture of mats that are to serve as a coating for theekisien, ÄalIen zc. Von der The same company is to set up a flax production facility next to it. "Ferer is building a toy and cardboard factory in Artilleriestraße by Mcchaniker: Adam together with others. A factory for the production of canvas and waterproof plans is being built in Lizentstraße. Finally the city has the new ammonia factory built in the yard of the gas works. ';; ";

West Prussia Province. f Factory owner Oskar Gramm in Tanzig. f Der MaschinenbauDire.tor der Imperial Werft, Gch. Aaurath Bauck. The treasurer of the large German warehouse "Kath. Kleinkowski, which her principals." The Freymann Brothers, who have damaged several hundred marks by using all the sales items again in five cases as cash covers, sentenced to 1 year in prison. Ibid: Wwe. Luise Förster, née Heft. Miss Laura Stumpf. Nurse Karl Zielte, Miss Charlotte Mertz, Ms. Martha Löwenberg, née Konlchewski, Miss Jenny Fürstenberg, preacher of the Aaptist community Robert Röth. T To Polish-Fuhlbeck the majorate owner Eduard Grabs v. Haugsdorf, accusing himself of stabbing his wife The carpenter Albert Klawitter surrendered himself to the police in Teutsch'Krone. Province of Pomerania. The election of the materials and goods dealer Borkmann, the owner Heinsberg and the metalworker Schmidt, all members of the Social Democratic Party, to city councilors in Grabow was declared invalid at the time. In the replacement election that has now taken place, the three gentlemen have now been re-elected: the eleven-year-old son of Brunnen macherS groaned in Saard a. R. had made a flute from the branch of a laburnum tree; in order to loosen the bark from the wood, he had moistened it with his mouth and now peeled it off; he became ill with symptoms of poisoning and died before help could be brought. Pr ovinz schleswi gH o l st ein. The inauguration of the monument to Lauritz Skau on SkamliegZbanke took place these days. The retired postman Meier fell asleep gently in Jtzehoe at the seldom reached age of 102 years. In the port of Kiel a rowing boat of the ship's boy school ship Moltke "was run up by the steamer .Helene". The. The cabin boys in the boat, over twenty in number, all fell into the water. Seven of them found their early death in the waves. The criminal chamber of the Kiel Regional Court condemned the general practitioner Dr. Feldmann, formerly in Rends' bürg, for the negligent killing of a woman who had recently given birth and was imprisoned for three years. . Hanover Province. In Hanover, an interesting case was heard before the oath court. It is the former Magistrate Secretary Friedrich Kieckbach from Berlin. As such was. he was employed until 1876, but lost his post because of a series of embezzlements that resulted in a lengthy prison term. Afterwards he turned his back on fine Baterstadt and then operated in Vienna. Dresden, Leipzig, Frankfurt a. M., Munich, where he was arrested in December of last year, here and in other places the trade of an impostor with just like that. A lot of energy, like talent, because he appeared like a consummate gentleman, mastered various languages ​​and talks, while at the same time he stowed away the need to imitate every handwriting, of which there were numerous examples. In addition, he used every opportunity that presented itself to him. Stealing letterheads and envelopes with company stamps, seal stamps and stamps, which of course rendered him great service every hour, and if you summarize it all, you can see that he was not lacking in a high-class impostor. As such, he worked diligently with success by damaging the other documents, in connection with fraud and embezzlement, credit institutions and private auditors, in part by significant amounts, by numerous forgeries of bills of exchange, by the well-known ones -Bail and marriage swindles shamelessly shamelessly deprived of their savings. The verdict was ten years in prison plus the usual secondary punishments. Province of Westphalia. The Stadttheater i Münster, in which Master Lortzing swung the baton a few decades ago, has now been rented by the city to a white goods company as a warehouse. The book printing owner Th. Stein has been elected director of the commercial bank in Arnsberg. The Griesbach'sche mechanical weaving mill in Beverungen was completely incinerated by a damaging fire. The accountant Karl Müller, who was employed by the G. Krämer company in Bielefeld, hanged himself near Vierchlingen. D Schneider. Julius Schönefeld in Bochum had a lied relationship with the widow Schiermann's daughter and then moved to Wiesbaden. Recently he returned to get his bride to follow him there, and when the girl did not want to know anything about it, he gave up his bride and her sister who was hurrying up

several revolver shots off, the last one. 1 r i; xc. v. r: x i .1 r n I KUgCl UJ0B et uuna im C10I; irt OK breast. SchZnefeld died soon after his transfer to the hospital, the two girls are badly injured. Hesse-Nassau Province. The Eich healing and care institution. Berg has rented the Horneck'schen Hof on Scharsenstein and is having the residential building fitted out to accommodate 12 to 14 female mentally ill The mentally ill from the same in Vrivatvsseae aeaeben and thus former employees should be considered!

le (more than 180 children) have been looking for a second teacher since driving. This wish has now finally been taken into account. ' KÖNIGRICHSA ch s e n.. The municipal colleges in Aue have decided to introduce a four-way tax. The export company Uhle & ifo. in Cappel, formerly in Chemniß, got into financial difficulties. D: e liabilities amount to approx. 670, 000 M., which are offset by 120.00) M. assets. For the monument to be erected in Chemnitz for Kaiser Wilhelm l. 84,000 marks are currently available. Since there is also the interest of 4 percent per annum and two earnings from the Weisbach Foundation, the capital grows annually by about 5,000 marks and will reach 125,000 marks in a few years. The Chemnitz market square is now designated as the place for this monument, while the artful Saxoniabrunn, which was to come out of the market first, is now set up on the Roßmarkt. Within a few days, all four children aged 12, 10, and 2 years were snatched from the Sparcassen-Controllers Wolf'schen couple in CH? Mnitz by the DiphtheritiS Province of Silesia. The machine operator Scholz's married couple almost died together in Landeshut. The elderly, still vigorous man had suffered blood poisoning in the past few days, to which he succumbed. The pain and grief over the loss begged the wife so moved that the next day she followed her husband to eternal rest. The unveiling of the Schubert monument on the promenade, between Linder. and Gartenstrasse in Liegnitz has now taken place. s In Liegnitz: Lo5omo tivführer P. Schinke, purser Rud. Felsch. Mrs. Colonel Lieutenant v. Brunn, née Scherscheing. Freight forwarder Karl Leupold, herbalist E. Berger. In Sirgwitz, the properties of the house Anders and the owner of the office, Sommer, burned down completely. In the summer, who is the head of the stock. ' the parish files became a victim of flames. The carpenter Masula's house burned down in the loop. The couple, who slept in the upper room of the heap, found themselves in the fire. men their death. f In OelZ: Gcheimer Government, Councilor, Councilor Troschke. Poznan Province. In this year about 80 rafts with 160 raftsmen have passed through the Warta near the border town of Porgorzelice. According to unanimous reports, the number of rafts to be expected this year will lag behind that of the previous year. All in all, only about 300 rafts with about 600 raftsmen are expected and it is assumed that all the wood has already passed Jani Posen. Yes, THAT'S THE RIGHT!

This is an expression that the traveling public uses when they find something entirely according to their wishes. And that expression applies just to the Wisconsin Central Line, now generally considered to be the route from Chicago to St. Paul, Minncapolis, Ashland, Duluth, and all points in the Northwest. Its trains, which run twice a day, and their beautiful design represent an unsurpassable facility. It is the only line which allows both continuous Pullman and tourist sleeping cars to run from Chicago to the points of the Pacisic Coast without changing cars. For more information, please contact the nearest ticket agent. Yes. C. Pond,, Ge ,. Paff, and Ticket Agent, Chicago, 3ll. Theodore Stein, successor to W. T. Altererson. Real estate abstracts are carried out in a prompt and reliable manner. fto. 66 East Market Street. InbianavoliS. .nd. Eletricity, and specific medicines, for all chronic diseases. Treatment for one week as a trial iFn? PaL fnr rrtrn s? Rrtnfnitri nfriinf I I 1 M w f v v v vww'ivi 'lj.JZ ... nZ JtuJt, ....!

lUWUlUCJUiuuuc, i4iuijuit WiH- Canton. Uhintt, 11 3ao in Helena. Montana -geruug the urethra, and all the chro- and the suras, which are accomplished, show that he kills niche diseases of the male excellent doctor and surgeon. Has license, r am - r .n r.

Geicklecots I '' '- DR.K0BBINS, No. Z Indiana Ave. N. F. Dalton & Co., Sandle r in f8 d U B 0 l z. Door and window frame. Clapboard. Slats. South Nobles East Walbingtonstr. Jndtenapolt Vi'L.ß.ßKi-Kö! ' Itttirte0nett. "4 U t" He's here to stay. m K. .lO'V.C LMt M V 4t tt Tlt incessant Prazi de Dr. vark ". deS Auen dnd Obren trztkG, zniang to relocate him. after long periods of delay. Today the premises in the 41vc1t.1t Sto6 deS.Jron lock. UH W. Washington Str., next u Vowen'Bierrill So'S, for five years .w he has set up special equipment for the treatment of eyes, ears, nose and neck and the production of eyes, artificial eyes and the removal of real eyes, as well as the operation to deepen the stars, at prices accessible to all. E, suittt free and Zederman invited.

PMgh rdenMiackr,

C! N natural contraception, hysteria, VeitstauFj nervousness, hypochondria, melancholy, insomnia, dizziness, drink addiction, spinal cord and cerebral weakness. This medicine has a direct effect from the 31 venous centers Anflntz dk Nerv kn ? .hiiin iirnfA.sl Ti? se Medin was iett htm 1.97 n, - Rev. PastorKing in place Wayne. Ind .. zubercitei invited now under his instruction from the KOENIG MEDICIN E! CO 1 9sttühVM t fi? F 1.00 the area, bottle for $ 3.00, large PR.7S, for $ j.00. 4n Clj VinniVinfta in fc fcttfi4iw fKvintfi.P. By K. Will.Patze r, 54 West Washington htx. and tiit Sud (San Str. and Lincoln Mant. i, Dr. Anielia. Keller, Office: 369 South Meridian Str., v in ugv m in. Ofsicc hours: 2 4 lliiv 'a, t, m. (7 o'clock in the evening. Telephone 907. Dr. Wagner, Office: Zlo. 60 Gsl Shio. Str. Offitt-Slunden: d 10 Ukr midday. 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Ohn: Slke Vroadwat, d ineolv de. Telephone 8. CC Gnevts, German Dental doctor, No. 8j North Pennsylvania St. will be used if requested. Dr. I. Wühler, German doctor. Osfice and apartment: 337 Snd Delaware Street. Office. Hours: 8-9 am; ZZ Uht pm. : 7 9 Ubr Evenings. Telephone Uld. Dr. PPAPP, Office: 1Z4?! Ord Pennsylvania St. OfsiceStands from 24 Ukr iacdm. No. 425 Madison Avenue. Hours from 10 11 Ukr Borm. Apartment: i7.ladam St. .E teBirmontstr. 1-elevkon - l '' ce. 4 upoon. j Wodnung VZ. XlDur LwiL9 No. 33 Ost Obio Strasse. Consultation hours: 1-2 a.m., l ö Vtiamltts and 7 dend. Dr. CR Schacfcr, Zört rrnd Surgeon, No. 43 Madifon Avenue, n.he Morris St. Svreck hours: 7: 3a-9 am. Osfiee and apartment: No. 77 Süd Ost Straße, Ec ke Lincoln Lan ?. Oisicc hours: 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.? Orm. 2 to L o'clock in the afternoon 7 to 8 o'clock lbeuds. Telephone I! 3. DR. Ijsxxuxx. Q; zz & T2? 9 surgeon and gynecologist. Sanatorium and Offices No, 194 Ost Mickiga fetraßc, (sat ianaajnictu venue.) Daily from t 4 a.m. Sunday? except. Ferd. A. Müller, t l successor to George Müller.). , Pharmacist. Tie tnferttgnug do e, epie eschiekt im de, lZsfiger. SchverSvdiger way. South Weft Sacks of East Washington and East Ctr. Telephone 870. Chinese doctor and surgeon. DR. GEELQY ,. . No. 117 Massachusetts Zlvcnüe. . Ä-t r. See H 20, previous opinion about 9 years in, sur orn ial 5oiana. vlSljige vre ,, e. e I KinS, l nflr Oi nnfhritn i.n.i,.!. Offtce hours from S o'clock in the morning to S o'clock in the evening Jno. A. Kutsch, manufacturer vd dealer, horse harnesses, saddles. Reins. WhipsSmm, n. Bürpen zc, repairs are carried out well and promptly No. 263 MaffachusetlS Avenue. - No cure! No payment ! LWLJ 1 n: v CTDss-eyea as curea dv ur. uartte in one. ininüte bj a new improved and fillea vdlol. Cre & t iniproTeictit ii f ll l ippeameft squint n. As described by Dr. Barker were cured by a new, improved painless method. 372 cases in Indianapolis, of which you can veriönlicd üdmeuae Ilck.Money calculation. .

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