Fiji is a top water bottle

FIJI® Water is expanding its range with the 700ml Sports Cap bottle

The slim PET bottle attracts everyone's attention with its elegant design, the typical square shape and the dark blue sports cap. FIJI® Water is the perfect companion for everyone who leads an active lifestyle.

After the great success in the USA, FIJI® Water is also expanding its portfolio in Germany. In addition to the 500ml and 1,000ml PET bottles, the 700ml bottle is now available in selected shops across Germany and online, including via Lifesytle Drinks. “The sales figures are increasing continuously. The characteristic soft and gentle taste, the unmistakable bottle and the unique history of the water are convincing more and more buyers, ”says Jörg Harders, Managing Director at Columbus Drinks GmbH, the marketer of FIJI® Water in Germany.

The new 700ml Sports Cap bottle from FIJI® Water impresses not only with its taste but also with its unique packaging and is therefore valued by both recreational and top athletes. Rich in electrolytes, FIJI® Water is the best choice to keep the body hydrated even during the toughest workouts.

Artesian water: bottled inside the earth

FIJI® Water is bottled at a source in Fiji from an old artesian aquifer deep inside the earth, where it is protected from external contamination. As the tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, it collects the electrolytes and minerals that give FIJI® Water its unmistakable taste. In fact, FIJI® Water contains significantly more naturally occurring electrolytes than other brands. It is untouched by human hands - until the lid is opened.

About FIJI® Water

FIJI® water is natural artesian water that is bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji Islands). The artesian water is the No. 1 premium imported water in the United States. Known for its extraordinary, square bottle, its soft mouthfeel and its unique mineral profile, FIJI® Water is the water of choice for discerning consumers, celebrities and top athletes. There are FIJI® Water in more than 90 countries worldwide.

About Columbus Drinks

Columbus Drinks GmbH specializes in the development, marketing and sale of national and international premium drinks. Innovative, creative and with a clear view of market opportunities, the makers of Columbus Drinks have been working with a team of experts for more variety on the drinks shelf since 2015. The product portfolio includes the premium water VOSS and FIJI Water, the cult drink Ahoj-Brause Brause, the classic ice tea Nestea, the coconut water Lekker Love and the mate iced tea Puerto Mate.

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