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Translation of "are mad because" in German

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You are mad because I didn't turn up yesterday.
The parents are mad because their kid is dying.
The homesteaders are mad because he keeps them out in the cold.
The border with China mountains called them "Crazy mountains", they say they are mad because it only rains on them.
The border with China Mountains called them "Crazy Mountains", they say they are crazy because it just rains on them.

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And you aren't mad because I embarrassed myself.
They are called mad because of the reckless projects, extravagant appearance and overly creative management techniques.
they named are angry because the reckless projects, extravagant looks and overly creative techniques.
Are you mad because I embarrassed you?
Are you mad because she seems happy about it?
Are you mad because we're not hanging out tonight?
Are you mad because he didn't call you?
Are you mad because I picked you?
The mighty ducks are mad at me because I left the Stanley cup on a water taxi.
The 'Mighty Ducks' are angry on me, because I lost the Stanley Cup on a ferry.
Are you mad because you've been reading my creative notebook?
The bad guys are really, really mad because they can't find you. Ciao, I'll be back later.
Are you mad because I said no or because you wanted me to say yes?
Jess, are you mad just because they liked my idea more than yours?
Jess, are you angry, because liked my idea better than yours?
Are you mad because of the lost of world cup from Brazil? Disstress on this fun game of drag and drop coach of Brazil:
Are you crazy because who lost the World Cup from Brazil? Disstress about this game of drag drop trainers of Brazil:
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