Why is shortstop called shortstop in baseball

Third Base the Hot Corner

The positions in baseball: Today the third base

Hot corner

The third base is also called the hot corner because the player is quite close to the batsman there and many hitters like to “pull” the ball, ie hit the line long as a right-handed player. The man on 3 gets hit many, often hard balls in his direction.

The third baseman must therefore have a good glove and very good reflexes.This does not necessarily mean the quality of the baseball glove, although that is certainly also a great advantage, but must be able to catch well, groundballs, line drives, bunts, pop-ups, etc. Exactly His arm is so important, he has a long throw to first base, and the third baseman often has one of the best throws of the entire team up his sleeve.

Duties of the third baseman


The third baseman must try to catch all balls that are hit between the foul line and the shortstop. It is easier for him to go to the left to the ball than to go to the right for the shortstop, and he plays further forward, so all ground balls within reach are the task of the third baseman. He must also always be ready to cover third base if a move away becomes necessary.

His cutoff and relay tasks are also important, for example when the throw goes from left field to home with a runner on second base. Then he has to go into position to either pass the ball from the left fielder to the catcher or cut and hold the ball, or throw it directly from there to another base.

He must also be ready to play on second base for a double play or force out for runners on 1 and less than 2 outs. If the runner is on 1 and 2, he can first step on 3 and then roll on 2 or 1 for the double play. With Bases Loaded he can play for the Force Out on Home or play depending on the situation. He has to have a very good understanding of the game in order to get the best out of the situation for his team.

In the case of a bunt, he must be able to run forward, pick up the ball and throw it out of the barrel at 1. This time he has to disregard his base because this is the only way he has a chance to spot the Bunter.

If you can think of something else that makes a good 3rd baseman, please post it here as a comment.