Has anyone successfully sneaked into Disneyland?

Christmas at Disneyland Paris - once and again

Booked a vacation on the internet for the first time, I hope I haven't forgotten anything... those were my first thoughts when the alarm clock rang on December 7th, 2015 at 3 a.m. 8). It wasn't difficult to get up now, quick look out of the window -no snow chaos over night- (as well as at 11 degrees). So threw the last things in the suitcase and snuck out of the apartment: bye :. Our son (16) was allowed to sleep a little longer: lazy: until he had to take the aptitude test. It's hardly more than a stone's throw to Hanover and on the second attempt: witch: we also found the reserved parking garage. ("That way" "Left or right?" until I thought about where left and right is, we missed the entrance) Quiet flighty: in the dark, all good. Next tingling moment - would the driver be there? Yes he was there and brought us safely to SQL. Seen from the outside many times, this time we were allowed to check in here. And a little foretaste of the Christmas decorations: santa2 :. Fairy lights and nets en masse. Splendid. The lady at the front desk gave us a room and the vouchers. Uh, we booked full board? Good thing I got every snippet that I received by email on board. However, I didn't quite understand why we were given another room. It didn't matter, both were in one of the lodges: mock :. Past a beaver dam (which we only saw that day in daylight) took a few turns (how big is that here?) Then we arrived at our room. How cool. The way through the village to the park was right next to our lodge. Shuttle is no longer ours anyway: girldance: since we no longer have a children's cart with us. So my suitcase quickly thrown off, shoes changed, backpack ... damn it, why doesn't my suitcase open: dash: ??? Crap expensive things and now the castle has probably noticed one. Or so it looked. So crack the fuse (sob) and then go: superman :. We had reached the village within five minutes and the feeling of wellbeing set in immediately. We were actually here! At Christmas time! Informed by the forum, we opened our jackets as we walked and put the bags on the scanner. There were a couple of (closed) Christmas market stalls on the way, but we hardly paid any attention to them. We wanted to go to the park, to the castle! Since the park was fully open in the meantime, a lot of people were out: stop :. We had not expected that. The week is classified as low in attendance here.
Pluto and Daisy were once shown on our tickets, of course I took Daisy and wanted to slide her into the slot at the entrance. Just ... which slot? The friendly CM: emp: saw my confusion, grinned and took the card from me and scanned it. Oh, that's how it went now. Then through the gate and we were in wonderland. I immediately fell in love with the brightly flashing three circles: pink glasses: that represented Mickey and saw it hanging on the balcony at home. It was so hard not to imitate it now, you could think about it. Then finally the Christmas tree. In real life, not in photos. In the midst of small fir trees illuminated in cold white and blue. Boa how coolreved :. How nice. Like "I want too". Christmas music rang out towards us on Main Street. We almost grinned in a circle. This is exactly how we imagined it: tresbon :. I hadn't noticed the garlands above Main Street in photos so far: pink glasses: but the overall picture matched our dreams exactly. And in the background the castle. My beloved now blinking lock. It is actually like coming home and all tension falls away from me. We're on vacation now. We don't hear anything from outside. What happens in the world first happens without us. Since it is already after ten, the magical extra hours no longer have to be used, COFFEE: kaeffchen :! A little tired around the eyes ... Our first way afterwards leads us to the pirate trainreved :. Wait five minutes. Pah. It's good that they all don't know what they're missing out on when they get their feet up on Snow White or something like that. Or worse, Autopia. How can you wait in line for so long: crazy-gr: ??? Somehow it's always full there. I do not understand. But good for us: juhuuu :. And finally there is a slight smell of chlorine in the pirate train. That is just part of it. We were a bit disappointed because various effects or figures do not work or are no longer there: dntknw :. It took a long time to renovate. The railway will be closed again well in 2016, and then hopefully ... the next route will lead us to Frontierlandreved :. What does Big Thunder look like. Construction fence: hardwork :. Was clear. But on our other favorite track you can see the lake or the construction site. Phantom Manor. Here, too, various things are not in operation. Hmm Well, you can't have it all. In 2017 everything is safe. After lunch (cowboy cookout-absolutely great and musically accompanied again: banjo We were drawn back to Main Street and we experienced the snow. Made really funny. Something with soapy water with no odor. Doesn't make any stains either, at least I didn't see anything. For tonight it was already clear for us, neither fireworks nor tree lighting. Eat in peace in the Plaza and then to the hotel. The night was so short and we still had so much time: dontmention :.

Day 2. 6:00 a.m. The cell phone wakes up: mafia :. I don't even get up at home that early. Uff. The husband of the gods is even more ungracious and shocked me with the statement that he might be too old for this kind of vacation and would think about beach chairs. I don't even comment on that. He didn't see that I showed him the bird. Exactly at seven we are in front of the Hunters Grill breakfast room. We are surprised to find that we are being led to the table. Since there are only two of us, we always sit at the same table during our stay. Otherwise it's the same as always. Just a little more choice: doubleup: e.g. there is honey, salami and yogurt here. Olives ??? For breakfast??. But it wouldn't have been important to us either. We always eat the same thing. And that is also available at Santa Fe. Except for the pineapple juice for me. The EMH in the park always run according to the same scheme. We enjoy the main street and the castle (which also flickers in the light, which is hardly noticeable against the bright blue sky) then we come to Peter Pan, Dumbo and again Peter Pan. Then slowly towards Buzz, where we fight fiery battles several times: gamer: (which I also lose when the husband of the gods films with one hand, once during our stay I have more points than him). We still manage one round of Orbitron, then the lower cravings strike and we need a coffee: kaeffchen: from the bake shop. The weather is nice, that's why we listen to Goofy doing his morning toilet. There we experience the relaxed announcement that the park is now open and everyone wishes a nice day and we see the crowds passing by. Although ... so many don't seem to be. Not nearly as much as yesterday, anyway. Since I'm scared and roller coasters: scare2: are not part of my report, pinball: marathon: we back and forth between pirate train, Phantom Manor and Buzz. We take the tree house and the fort with us every now and then. The tree house looks mangy: verycrazy: or does that deceive me? A wonderfully cozy meal in the Blue Lagoon: cook :. We enjoy our relaxed vacation and always take time out with coffee on the main street. It's enough for us to be in Disneyland, we don't have to set any records and "knock out" the price of admission. Many people don't understand that when we tell them that we always go on vacation to Disneyland. After the meal, the announced rain actually comes down. Damn. So rain jacket on and umbrella on. It's nice when the water runs down my back from my long hair because I don't have the hood on all the time. We change the park. Studio 1 offers a lot of interesting things for us, I love the shops (everywhere) and since we don't have a bad-tempered child with us, we take a quiet look at everything. Also the husband of the gods. At home, ten horses don't bring him into townirateshoot: Here he suggests going to the shops. And again I fall in love: pink glasses :. Cap. The Fox. As a stuffed animal with a meter-long tail. In the shop, an employee wears the tail around his neck and the animal itself on his arm. I ALSO WANT. However, I try to imagine my home here. I walk through the streets and carry the fox ... No. So far nobody has fetched the men with the Habmichlieb jacket, but then it would be time. And just to have it, almost 40 € are simply too much: thumbsdown :. Still ... The husband of the gods wants to take the elevator. You're welcome, but without me. The five minutes waiting time (it is really much emptier than yesterday) is something I can do in the shop in the Terror Hotel. Flashed and in a good mood, we make our way to Toyland. Dropdown (parachuting) I definitely like: emp: t. Statement of the spouse of the gods: sec :. I don't want to look like a coward, after all, height is 81 cm and small children leave the area laughing happily. Mulmig: scare2: let's get in line. Definitely not a single ride. You stay with me It's really not fast. It will. Still, I get quieter the closer the journey gets. I can't help it, as I am strapped into the seat, tears run down my cheeks. The CMs are concerned about asking if I'm sure. How bad can that be? Besides, it's over quickly. It's hell for me I scream, I cry and I shiver all over my body. Michael is filming the ride, but we neither hear nor watch the video. It just gets deleted. I'm embarrassed too, but I'm a coward: truce :. After the last landing, the CMs stand right next to me and free me from the seat belt. Thank you guys for not laughing at the moment. We change parks again and wait for the tree ceremony. It's still raining, so the tree ceremony is very close. No Mickey or Santa Claus: santa :.

You can't get past "Frozen". Not that I would want that: victory :. I love "Let it go", I currently wear Elsa on one fingernail and Olaf on another and fully understand that Disney is cannibalizing it. However, "Royal Welcome" is a joke: sad :. For a carriage that scurries slowly by, it is cordoned off. Really. Several times a day. The sing along is done nicely and I would certainly have liked it better if we had caught the English version. But we were just in the area and I didn't want to overwork Micha. But I wanted to see it. And before he refuses to take the path again, we take a look in French. I'm sorry for Micha: dntknw: but he has to go through that. (Strangely enough, I hear the video from the next room from time to time that we recorded during the singalong: juhuuu, I already offered him the music CD, but he's not yet there. What I found really cute: we stumbled into the fireworks on Friday (December 11th). Somehow we completely missed the fact that a special event was scheduled for the day (anyone knows what?) There were tons of people waiting behind a cordon as we left the park and the studios were fully lit. In any case, the announcement came that Dreams would begin in a quarter of an hour. We had already seen the show on Wednesday, but it was foggy and the show was a bit blurry. Still beautiful and impressive. And while we've been here ... we couldn't miss it. The show took its course and when the first sounds of "Let ist go or Libere (or something like that) sounded," an "Ahhhhh" went through the crowd and it was NOT the kids.

In principle, the days are the same. We enjoy the mood, the noises, the music and the peace that we have in common. What I didn't expect: we're not a bit annoyed with each other, or don't bother each other at all: emp :. Very unusual. November is really stressful for me, especially this year. I have several honorary positions. At one point I am the chairman of an association that collects and gives gifts for children from our district. That runs until Nicholas. For two years now I have also been the main cashier in our local rifle club and we have a major event on the first Saturday of December, which is connected with various shooting evenings beforehand. And we've been running our club ourselves for a few months now. Completely new territory for all of us. In addition, we are looking for an apprenticeship for our son who finds it so difficult to choose a direction. That's why this vacation was incredibly important for me and for both of us. For weeks we've only seen each other in a flyby, I'm not even working and Micha has the rest of December's vacation. It's just wonderful to be at Disneyland, even if we are tired from getting up early and our bones hurt from walking or standing. It's our wonderland: kiss :. We were there for the fifth year in a row and wanted / should take a break, also because so much will be closed next year and will definitely go there in 2017. But I'm not going to cross this bridge yet. That booking on this site was so easy: girldance: and so much cheaper makes it difficult not to book (I've already figured out something ...) In addition, I'm working on the acquisition of one or two annual tickets. We have found that six days can be quite long and on the other hand we are already longing again. Maybe it is better to take a 3x3 night vacation despite the flight costs or whatever8).

At the end (was also the last day for us, the last meal). We had made a reservation at the Silver Spur and were waiting for a table. A man passed us and Michael looked after him thoughtfully. "I know him," he said. "He's often with the Youtube videos that Jordi puts online." And indeed. Jordi sat directly in front of the food counter or the grill in the back of the restaurant. But without a camera in hand. We didn't speak to him either. It was really cool to see him. His companion had some kind of authorization card around his neck. Is Jordi a Disneyland employee or just a really crazy fan? I'm a little jealous. He seems to be at Disneyland several times a month ...