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The best calendar apps for the iPad

Calendar programs for the iPad are in abundance and most of the time the apps don't differ that much.

Not many calendar apps really bring new features or ideas and so a few stand out from the crowd.

Representing the huge range of calendar apps, I took a closer look at the following four programs.

Calendars 5

As far as I know, Calendars 5 by Readdle is the only app that supports Google's appointment colors. Since I absolutely need this function, this is also the main reason why I personally use Calendars 5.

Otherwise, we like the design, the easy entry of appointments and the ability to simply move appointments with your finger.

If you just need simple task management, the task manager integrated in Calendars 5 may also be worth a try. So everything is in one place.

The views (day, week, month, year) are all well thought out and I particularly like the year view with a kind of heat map for particularly full days.


+ Entering dates in normal language
+ Supports Google appointment colors
+ Integrated task manager
+ Good year view
+ Reminders as SMS


- Appointment duration can only be changed via the menu
- Appointment texts cut off in week view

Calendar (Apple)

The pre-installed calendar from Apple is very good in itself. It offers good functionality and works largely without any problems.

With the views and the resulting clarity, Apple would have liked to have made a little more effort.


+ Moving appointments via drag and drop
+ Appointment duration can be easily changed in the view
+ Free


- Google appointment colors are not supported
- Views generally weak


A relatively new and slim calendar app.

Changing appointments, however, is very cumbersome. An appointment can only be changed via an additional menu.

If you want to adjust the times, another window appears in which you can graphically change the duration of the appointment. I ask myself: Why doesn't that work directly in the actual view?

It is nice that the Google appointment colors are supported. But unfortunately only in the ad. When creating new appointments, I cannot assign a color.


+ Free
+ Also available as a program for the Mac


- Appointments can only be changed via a menu
- Only two views (week, month)


Fantastical by Flexibits has its origins as a small, slim calendar app in the Mac menu bar.

To the best of my knowledge, Fantastical was the first program that allowed appointments to be entered in normal language:

Wednesday at 5 p.m. Ice cream with Sonja at San Remo

Appointments can be created very easily and simply.

The views and operation were largely taken over from the ingenious iPhone app from Fantastical. Unfortunately, this does not harmonize optimally with the larger iPad screen.

At the expense of clarity, a lot of space is wasted here for the monthly view.


+ Entering dates in normal language
+ Appointment duration can be easily changed in the view
+ Nice design


- Confusing views
- Google appointment colors are not supported


I could easily have added 10 more apps to the test. However, that would not have helped us because most apps are just too similar.

The best calendar app for the iPad for me right now is clearly Calendars 5 from Readdle. The range of functions, the operation and the complete support of the Google calendar are impressive.

For those who do not use the calendar so intensively, the two free apps Calendar and Sunrise are certainly worth considering.

Even though I love Fantastical on my iPhone, the iPad program is very disappointing. As usual at Flexibits, I wanted a little more innovation here.

Which calendar app do you use on the iPad? I look forward to your additions in the comments.