How much money do music producers make

OZ reveals how much you make producing Shindy and Travis Scott


Anyone who does not yet know the music producer OZ has definitely missed one of the most impressive success stories of the last few years. From a small village in Switzerland, the producer has managed that his music is heard all over the world and is respected by numerous US rappers and producers.

A few months ago, OZ co-produced the beat for “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott and thus landed an absolute hit in the USA. The song represents the producer's biggest hit to date and has since sold over 7 million times in the States - seven times platinum!

In Germany, too, OZ is currently causing a sensation as the in-house producer of Shindy and collaborating on his new album. Furthermore, Instagram superstar Kylie Jenner only published a commercial for one of her new products a few weeks ago, for which OZ also contributed the beat. Jenner is currently the most important influencer worldwide.


The Swiss producer doesn't often talk about numbers - but when he unpacks, he does it properly. With a single that climbs to number 1 on the US charts, you can earn around $ 500,000 as a producer. He can easily charge $ 30,000 for a normal beat. And that while the competition on Youtube and Co. usually offers instrumentals for $ 30.

Now OZ writes how much he earns on average through his work as a producer. Twitter says it makes 20,000 a week. That's 1 million euros a year, just with beats! As a globally recognized producer producing for Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, that sounds very realistic.

Even if he were only producing for Shindy and not so successful in the USA, he would easily be one of the best-paid producers in Germany. In this way, he can be measured in an international comparison.

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