What is the opposite of Evolution 1

Opposite of evolution?

Hi Michi

hi max

So, I still think that
it is a regression in the sense of
biological evolution does not exist,

it may well be that there is no regression in evolution, that is also not possible ) oxymoron * fg *

however I don't know how it usually is
so is. Because time is always running
forward and thus also the development.

* loool *, I don't want to contradict you, it's just that time has nothing to do with it. because of course it runs forward, but the development that one observes at a certain time does not have to be a further development. on the other hand, one can compare a state t1 with a state t0 and determine that t1 is “retarded”; So there was a development (inevitably), but the DIRECTION OF DEVELOPMENT was not forward. just compare the age (s). Development also takes place there, but mostly a "negative" one, ie older people can no longer walk / stand alone etc. it was not about the question of whether a retrograde development can be evolutionary (I don't know the answer), but the question of the opposite of the term "evolution"

However, there are possible opposites
Revolution, so fast instead of slow

Involution, that is, regression

I had suggested exactly this term!

De (s) evolution, i.e. no development
Disevolution, see above

But it doesn't matter.

nope, that's what's fun ))

I'm looking forward to your reply, Max


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