Are you possessive of your friends?

7 signs to end a friendship

Friendships enrich life immensely, but you shouldn't just hang on to them out of love for the past. If there are certain signs, friendships should definitely be rethought.
on February 18, 2016, 4.37 p.m.

1. When the "give" and "take" are out of balance

Everyone goes through difficult times and then needs a lot of support from their friends. The balanced system of "sometimes he, sometimes he" forms, so to speak, the stable foundation of a friendship - if it gets out of balance, the whole relationship shakes. It's not about keeping an exact list รก la "I did this for you last week, that's why you have to do that for me now", but about not feeling used up: Whoever lets everything stand in order for someone To be there for certain but to be left alone when he needs help is undoubtedly in a friendship that is out of whack.

2. When family members or other friends are not respected

Friends should be able to tell the truth to one another. Even when it comes to a problem with the family or the partner. But when the well-intentioned advice from your best friend turns into disrespectful or even hateful ranting, it is urgently time to question the friendship. Because no matter how much mum's annoying questions or the partner's bad habits drive us to white heat, a good friend does not use them to make that person bad.

3. When friends keep seeing the bad

There's nothing worse than telling a friend about your new job, apartment, or relationship with gusto and only getting negative comments in response. A tough nut to crack, because whoever talks badly all the time secretly struggles with envy or dissatisfaction with their own life situation and can therefore urgently need a good friend. So: address the problem directly - if the boyfriend or girlfriend wants help, he or she will be very grateful for an open door.

4. When a friend keeps bringing us into uncomfortable or even dangerous situations

Well, we're no longer 18 and all of us have both feet on our feet so that we no longer allow ourselves to be persuaded into strange tests of courage so that we look cool to someone. But it's enough if a friend demands that you put yourself in a situation in which you don't feel comfortable or which can have dire consequences - and if it's just a matter of making countless parties constantly blue until the job is on hanging by a silk thread.

5. When one is constantly being displaced

Everyone has to postpone a meeting from time to time: you or a child get sick, work takes longer, etc. We all know such situations. But there is a point where time is just a matter of priorities, and when you feel like you are always the top priority for a certain person, then something is wrong. In such a situation you should consider whether you would rank the other person similarly, and whether it is still worthwhile to arrange meetings. If this is not the case, the topic should definitely be addressed once: Cancellation is also a question of respect for other people's time.

6. When friends try to outdo you all the time

Friendship is not a competition. So if you constantly use cozy meetings to present yourself and make yourself better, you have clearly not understood the meaning behind it. Trying to outdo others on a permanent basis is a sign of uncertainty, and that becomes exhausting in the long run. At least with your friends you should be familiar enough, relaxed and just be yourself.

7. When friends become possessive

Even if you become possessive, this is a sign of great uncertainty: You have to be able to allow your friends to have other friends and partners without feeling threatened by them. Only those who can grant freedom to loved ones honestly love them. If your friends always want to tell you how often they see each other, who else they can see and how to spend their time, the time has come to reflect on the friendship again.