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1 range of services

2 Welcome to TCS Zurich As your mobility partner, we offer you a comprehensive range of services and products for safe and comfortable travel. In our mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) and Zurich (Schlieren) we present you the complete range for your mobile needs. In addition to many useful tests, you can also have the official motor vehicle inspection (MFK) carried out in one of our three TCS mobility centers or on our mobile test station instead of at the road traffic office. From April 2018, the majority of the mobile test station will be in use in Au-Wädenswil, and MFK (also for veterans) can now also be carried out here on site. For more safety on our streets, we equip the kindergarten students with safety belts, appeal to the increased awareness of road users with our annual back-to-school campaign and we hold various training and further education courses and driver training courses. For young people, we organize four youth driving camps (JUFALA) every year and, together with DRIVE Z AG, in cooperation with the Zurich driving schools, offer two-phase training for new drivers. Your interests and questions of motorized private transport. The TCS Zurich offers you an attractive and well-frequented club life, the offers of the section together with the eight local groups can be found in the monthly magazine for mobility touring on the last 16 pages. Of course, we are also there for you on the Internet and on social media TCS.Zuerich and tcszuerich. We thank you for your loyalty and wish you a safe and accident-free journey. Your Reto Cavegn Managing Director TCS Zurich Section We are also politically active and stand up for you when it comes to 3

3 A comprehensive range Welcome to our contact points Personal advice and sales of TCS services such as memberships, TCS ETI travel insurance, legal expenses insurance, tourist information, international ID cards, Viacard for Italy, motorway vignettes for Switzerland and sticker labels for Austria as well as pollutant stickers for Germany and Télépéage for France. TCS contact point in the Volketswil mobility center: Geissbüelstrasse 24/26, 8604 Volketswil Mon Fri 7:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tue + Wed 7:15 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Fri 7:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. TCS contact point in the Winterthur mobility center : Karl Bügler-Strasse 11, Tössallmend, 8413 Neftenbach Mon Thu 08: 00-12: 00/13: 00-17: 00 Fri 08: 00-12: 00/13: 00-16: 30 TCS- Contact point at the Mobility Center Zurich: Wagistrasse 33, 8952 Schlieren Mon Thu 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fri 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. TCS car insurance in Volketswil and Zurich (Schlieren) Our specialists will explain what is important and work out one with you individual solution and support you in changing insurance. Schedule an appointment. You will find numerous mobility-related products in our TCS contact points. You can obtain car insurance from the Volketswil or Zurich mobility centers Mon - Thu / p.m. Fri / p.m. TCS Zurich is committed to your safety. We want you to be well on your way. At any time. That is why you can expect a whole range of interesting training and refresher courses at TCS Zurich. Technical courses for your car are just as much a part of our diverse offer as the regional events of our regional groups. To help new drivers get started in their automotive lives, we offer the compulsory training courses at attractive prices. TCS Zurich offers you technical advice and controls. In the mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) and Zurich (Schlieren), you can have your vehicle put through its paces with the TCS full test or the TCS used test before the warranty expires. Speedometer and brake controls as well as holiday and winter tests are also part of our offer. The TCS Zurich is actively involved in road safety with the area-wide distribution of the safety triangles for kindergarten and school children as well as the "Back to school, attention children!" we make all road users aware of our little ones. The TCS Zurich organizes social events, whether at the various balls of the individual local groups, during visits, excursions or general meetings, we ensure that every event is a success. TCS Zurich keeps you up to date Our regional section in the "TCS touring Magazin" provides you with detailed and comprehensive monthly information on courses, events, new regulations and regulations as well as numerous other subject areas. TCS Zurich helps you with mobility issues At TCS Zurich, around 20 legal consultants are available once a year to provide non-binding legal advice to our members. In addition, we check garage bills free of charge and without obligation. And finally, we also make an essential contribution to consumer protection and road safety with our tried and tested tests on child seats, tires or car costs, as well as with consumption catalogs and free brochures for members. Do you have questions? The TCS Zurich will be happy to help you on Tel

4 TCS car guarantee Can be taken out after successfully completing a test at the TCS Zurich section. A high-performance filling station including a natural gas filling station for gas-powered vehicles. With ID, TCS members receive fuel 2 cents cheaper. Do you have your loyalty card? It brings you additional discount. Ask for your loyalty card at the cash desk the next time you stop for fuel. The TCS car guarantee is a quality product with very good services at attractive premiums, which protects you from high repair costs. Guaranteed unbureaucratic: you report the damage to your garage. Everything else is regulated directly between the workshop performing the repairs and Quality1 AG. Long-term protection Resale value Preservation of value Petrol station center with shop & café bar Large assortment of daily fresh sandwiches, freshly baked breads, drinks, various foods, newspapers, magazines and many other non-food items for your mobile needs. Protect yourself against unexpected and high repair costs for your vehicle with a TCS car guarantee. Administrative effort The TCS car guarantee covers all repair costs for you within the guarantee period according to the guarantee scope selected by you within Europe! You can take advantage of this unique opportunity after an official motor vehicle inspection or a used test in one of our mobility centers. Contribution to costs Further information is available from the mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) or Zurich (Schlieren). Convenient, safe, clear: directly at the AVIA petrol station. 6 7

5 Official motor vehicle inspection MFK TCS mobility centers The mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) and Zurich (Schlieren) are your contact points in the canton of Zurich for tests, examinations and expert reports as well as Eurotax information. The official motor vehicle control is carried out in all three TCS mobility centers of the Zurich section and now in the mobile test station, mostly in use in Au-Wädenswil. Our experts are competent, straightforward and personable. If you have your car checked by the TCS or have one of our numerous car tests carried out, you can save up to CHF 100 (full test). So you get more than your annual membership fee with a single test. The clear list of all tests can be found on pages 10/11 of this brochure. You can register directly online via or at and choose your preferred day according to your wishes, choose the right time, change already booked dates The MFK (also for veterans) in the mobility centers Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach), Zurich (Schlieren) and now at the Mobile test station, mostly in use in Au-Wädenswil, is simple, convenient and friendly. Your appointment requests are always taken into account. Cozy lounge with reading material, etc. TCS contact points with a shop in Volketswil, Neftenbach and Schlieren Interested parties can watch their car being checked (1 person per vehicle). Short FREE advice from our experts, a small gesture for you ! The FREE service for TCS members: STATIONARY ROAD ASSISTANCE Do the windshield wipers lubricate? Does something rattle or smell strange? Is a lamp broken? Are you missing oil, water or other liquids? Is the battery struggling? Are the control lamps blinking, lit and flashing? Then simply drive quickly to the mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) or Zurich (Schlieren) and you will receive free help. You have to expect a little waiting time. Our patrols check everything that is necessary and do minor work within 30 minutes free of charge. You will only be charged for any necessary material such as windshield wipers, lamps, engine oil, batteries, etc., whereby you can pay conveniently in cash or by Postcard, EC or credit card (no American Express). Two follow-up checks possible every day Flexible opening times The mobility centers will offer you an appointment for longer and longer tests. 8th

6 Tests at a glance Is your vehicle's warranty period expiring or have you received the advance notice for the official MFK motor vehicle inspection? Are you about to buy or sell a used car, or do you want information about the general condition of your car? Then have your car checked in our state-of-the-art mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) and Zurich (Schlieren) or in the mobile test station in Au-Wädenswil! in CHF in CHF Test costs for non-member TCS member MFK Official motor vehicle inspection (25 min.) MFK for veteran vehicles from 30 years of age (45 min.) TCS full test (150 min.) Second-hand test + rust test + chassis test + engine test TCS second-hand test (90 min.) Chassis, body, wheels, suspension, steering, engine, power transmission, equipment, brakes, electr. System, lighting, speedometer, test drive TCS MFK pre-test (60 min.) To assess what needs to be repaired for the MFK TCS warranty expiry test (factory warranty) (60 min.) For max. 3-year-old vehicles with max km. Are there any defects that are covered by the guarantee? TCS chassis test (75 min.) Wheels, vibration dampers, suspension, steering, steering geometry, test drive TCS engine test (60 min.) Engine, electr. System, test drive TCS holiday test (45 min.) Wheels, suspension, steering, engine, power transmission, equipment, brakes, electr. System, lighting TCS winter test (30 min.) Doors, windshield wipers, vibration dampers, motor, electr. System, brakes, wheels TCS rust test (45 min.) Underbody, cavities, body in CHF in CHF Test costs non-member TCS member TCS partial tests Brake measurement on the roller test bench (15 min.) Brake test (45 min.) Vibration damper measurement (15 min.) further tests by arrangement per hour time expenditure / hour / hour. TCS price finder (60 min.) Vehicle assessment, Eurotax market value calculation Eye test at the VZA optician (upon presentation of membership card Tests in the following mobility centers: Volketswil Winterthur Zurich Geissbüelstrasse 24/26, Postfach 286, 8604 Volketswil Opening times: Mon Fri 07: 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. (Tue + Wed until 7 p.m. / Fri until 4:45 p.m.) Karl Bügler-Strasse 11, Tössallmend, 8413 Neftenbach Opening times: Mon Thu 8 a.m.-12 p.m. / 1 ​​p.m.-5 p.m. : 00 a.m. (Fri to 4:30 p.m.) Wagistrasse 33, 8952 Schlieren Opening times: Mon Thu 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Fri to 4:30 p.m.) Mobile test station mostly in use at Steinacherstrasse 105 in Au-Wädenswil Information about deployment dates / times under Tel Registration: Tel FREE With us as a customer, you can make the appropriate appointment, please state the desired test type, vehicle brand, license plate number, master number (from vehicle ID card) and the TCS membership number.

7 TCS tarpaulin campaign at the beginning of school The mobile test station from April 18 in Au-Wädenswil From April 2018, the mobile test station is mostly in use in Au-Wädenswil. The official motor vehicle inspection (MFK) can now also be carried out in the mobile test station. In addition to the MFK, also for veterans, the following TCS tests are possible in the mobile test station for every car model: TCS used test TCS MFK pre-test TCS warranty expiry test (factory warranty) TCS engine test TCS holiday test TCS winter test TCS rust test TCS special test TCS partial test (brake measurement, brake test, vibration damper measurement) TCS price finder Important note: As the mobile test station will only be partially on site in Au-Wädenswil, we ask you to contact the telephone for deployment dates and times. Registration: TCS section Zurich Geissbüelstrasse 24 / Volketswil Every year in August, many new kindergarten and elementary school students take their new daily way to school for the first time, we provided tarpaulins for the first time. Far over tarpaulins throughout the canton ensure the attention of road users and contribute to road safety. Every year those responsible are written to and asked to check the inventory and, if necessary, to add to it. Thanks to the support of the TCS Zurich section, schools, police, municipalities etc. contribute to an accident-free start of school with this safety campaign

8 courses for more safety Further offers and details on all courses can be found on the Zurich section pages in the TCS touring magazine or under Car Technical Course I Course price including car manual Mainly structure and function of mechanical car parts such as engine, engine oils, lubrication and cooling system, suspension and shock absorbers, power transmission , Wheel suspension, wheel position, steering, tires, brakes Members CHF Non-members CHF Course location: Course duration: Mobility Center Volketswil 5 evenings car technical course II Course price including car manual Mainly structure and function of electrical parts of the car such as battery, alternator, lighting system, starter, ignition system, fuels, Fuel system, exhaust gas decontamination, diesel, air conditioning Members CHF Non-members CHF When booking both courses: Discount of CHF Course location: Course duration :: Mobility Center Volketswil 5 evenings Compulsory emergency aid course for members CHF Non-members CHF In cooperation with the San-Arena-Rettungssc hule. Graduation with the official emergency aid card. Course location: Course duration: San-Arena-Rettungsschule, Zentralstrasse 12, Zurich see JUFALA youth car camp for 17-year-old members CHF Non-members CHF including full board and course operation To prepare for the driving school. Driving training on a closed training slope, emergency aid course, car technology, breakdown awareness, traffic theory, cars and the environment, drugs and their effects, etc. Course location: Courses: Hotel Talstation Atzmännig 2 camps during the spring school holidays 2 camps during the autumn school holidays Breakdown what to do? For women only Course price including automobile manual for members CHF Non-members CHF Recognizing small breakdowns and fixing them yourself: The right and important tips. Ideal for women. Course locations: Course duration: TCS mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) or Zurich (Schlieren) 1 evening 14-15

9 courses for more safety You can find more offers and details on all courses on the Zurich section pages in the TCS touring magazine or under Accident what to do? Members CHF Non-members CHF Analysis of the accident situation, what to do after an accident, effective securing of the accident site, recovery of accident victims, first aid measures, creating the correct accident protocol, etc. Course locations: Course duration: TCS mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) or Zurich (Schlieren) approx. 1 1/2 hours What can my car do? Members CHF Non-members CHF Tired of struggling through thick and sometimes incomprehensible operating instructions? Have you always wanted to know what your car can do? We explain your vehicle to you individually: navigation device, ABS, ESP, heating, car radio, etc. Course location: Course duration: Mobility Center Volketswil approx. 1 1/2 hours check-up 1 Contact us for registration or detailed information on the course program and dates please by phone or. Members CHF Non-members CHF “Thorie group seminar” part The new traffic regulations Perception of driving in practice today Discussion Course locations 1st part: TCS mobility centers in Volketswil, Winterthur (Neftenbach) or Zurich (Schlieren) as well as various group course locations (see Course duration: 2.00 p.m. - approx. 4.30 p.m. 2nd part «Practical driving test» * The practical driving test with your own vehicle shows how you can improve your current driving style. You discuss the driving test with your VSR instructor. The results are absolutely confidential. Test dates and times for the practical driving test can be arranged individually with the instructors by telephone.* IMPORTANT: The Road Safety Fund grants all participants a reimbursement of CHF check-up 2 after completing the practical driving test. For your registration or detailed information on the course program and dates, please contact us by phone or. Members CHF Non-members CHF Optimal seating position, steering wheel position, steering technique Various steering and braking exercises Cornering Braking and swerving Course location: Course duration: Betzholz Traffic Safety Center, Hinwil 1/2 day 16 17

10 courses for more safety Further offers and details on all courses can be found on the Zurich section pages in the TCS touring magazine or under Free eye test all year round For TCS members FREE upon presentation of membership card. Good eyesight is vital for all road users. Those who can see well not only drive more safely, but also benefit from everyday life. TCS members can have their eyesight checked at any time free of charge. Implementation: Specialist shops of the Zurich Opticians Association

11 2-phase training for new drivers Patrouille TCS We are always there for you 366 days around the clock Trust us, because we will fix your breakdown at any time of the day or night. All over Switzerland. Wherever you are. Our experience comes first, but it is not enough. The TCS has access to the most important breakdown assistance network in the country. Specialists who have the most modern technologies are always available when you need them. The Zurich-East task force, located near the TCS Zurich section, conducts around around breakdown missions every year. In 84% of the cases it is possible to relax the vehicle on the spot so that it can continue driving. Otherwise, another individual solution comes into play: Replacement car, taxi, taking the vehicle home 20 We also sell batteries. The patrollers have the most common models in the vehicle and can, if necessary, fall back on the battery depot at the base. These additional services are reserved exclusively for our members. Patrol TCS> Geissbüelstrasse 1, 8604 Volketswil> Karl Bügler-Strasse 11, 8413 Neftenbach> Wagistrasse 33, 8952 Schlieren WAB 1 It is advantageous to attend the first day of the course within the first 6 months after your driving test. On the first day of the course, you will “experience” practically and theoretically how you can recognize dangerous traffic situations before they arise and how you can avoid them. WAB 2 You must have attended the second day of the course within three years of the driving test so that you can apply for your definitive driving license. On the second day of the course you will "learn" something about your own driving behavior. The course is intended to sharpen your awareness of your own abilities, optimize your sense of traffic and develop a driving partnership. You will also get to know options for environmentally friendly and cost-saving driving. A few pieces of information for the course participants: the participants are insured during the 2-phase courses the instructions of the course moderators must be obeyed all participants drive at their own risk 14 days before the course all those registered receive a written notice the course language is German lunch can be provided by DRIVE Z be organized; Before the start of the course, the moderators clarify whether a group lunch is desired. Drive Z is the only provider of WAB courses for motorcycles in the Zurich region. DRIVE Z AG The Zurich 2-phase training center for driving instructors and TCS Ueberlandstrasse 255, 8600 Dübendorf Fon, Fax

12 NTOUROLI NTOUROLI UROLINO Region / Group President Group address TCS Section Zurich at a glance The TCS Section Zurich consists of eight groups and a camping club. When you join the TCS, you are automatically a member of the group in your district. As a member of the Zurich section, you benefit from numerous interesting offers, services and discounts. In addition, you are entitled to attend all events of all groups. SCHLÖSSER SPEZIAL ROYAL LIFE FOR EVERY TIME for the winter profile TAX COMPARISON Where you pay the most for your car CHEAP AND GOOD The new Fiat Tipo in the big TCS test WITH CHILDREN'S SIDE UR OUR NO LINO OUROLINO TOU U TO TO TO ROL T LI URO OURO RO Magazine for Mobility # 10 OCTOBER 2016 FR Days in office: The new TCS General Director ZURICH TCS Club Info Section Zurich # 8 August 2016 TCS Drive-in Movies, the drive-in cinema in your region! City of Zurich (ZH1) Guido Morger Hüttenkopfstrasse Zurich Knonauer Amt (ZH2) Andreas Renggli SwissPostBox / Postfach 8010 Zurich Lake Zurich right bank (ZH3) Roman Lehmann Postfach Rapperswil Zürcher Oberland (ZH4) Ramona Moser-Hess Postfach Wetzikon Winterthur (ZH5) Peter Fischer Karl Bügler -Strasse 11 / Tössallmend 8413 Neftenbach Zürcher Unterland (ZH6) Hanspeter Cuel Postfach Niederglatt Horgen (ZH7) Josef Lagler Kirchrain Schönenberg DRIVE-IN MOVIES ZÜSPA 16 Ü30 PARTY Drive-in cinema in the center The Züspa opens in the 2nd classic car meeting in the Zürcher Unterland at the parking lot Sport- Betzholz, Hinwil. TCS members receive a free popcorn page 101 TCS members page 102 anlage Erlen Dielsdorf page Messe Zürich. Action for 103 Limmattal (ZH8) Stefan Angst Postfach Dietikon Camping Nicole Hollenstein In der Breiti Urdorf 22 23

13 Welcome to the TCS. We look forward to you. TCS mobility centers and contact points: Volketswil Geissbüelstrasse 24/26 PO Box Volketswil Zurich Wagistrasse Schlieren Winterthur Karl Bügler-Strasse 11, Tössallmend 8413 Neftenbach Mobile test station Au-Wädenswil Steinacherstrasse Au-Wädenswil DRIVE Z AG for 2-phase training / WAB courses for cars and motorcycles Ueberlandstrasse Dübendorf Tel TCS Training & Events Traffic Safety Center Betzholz Affeltrangerstrasse Hinwil Tel Tel Fax _5 000 Ex.

14 Registration form for courses I would be happy to register for the following course: Car technical course I Car technical course II «JUFALA» youngsters' vehicle breakdown - what to do? Accident - what to do? check up 1 check up 2 Please call me Please send me detailed information on this course I am not yet a TCS member, but would like to become one. Please send me the relevant registration documents. Last name First name: Street / No .: Postcode / City: Telephone P: Telephone G: Member number: TCS group: Number of people: Date: Signature:

15 TCS Zurich section Geissbüelstrasse 24/26 PO Box Volketswil