What goes well with chinos

What are chinos and how do you wear them?


Ever since they were first introduced Chino pants have come a long way to become a timeless staple in men's wardrobe. Chino pants are comfortable, suitable for many occasions, from casual weddings to Friday evenings, and can be easily combined. What more do men need?

Let's start delving into the world of chinos and by the end of this blog post you will know what chinos are and how you should style them, to look your best. Don't worry, you won't feel overwhelmed as they are versatile enough.



What are chinos

Chinos are made from lightweight cotton-based materials. Its best-known feature is the partially hidden back pocket (or pockets). Chinos come in all shapes and styles, but what they have in common is how comfortable they are when you wear them. Stretchy cottons make even the slim-fitting chinos comfortable to wear, and they're light enough to have become the most popular summer item. Today they are worn by millions of men every day as they are affordable and easy to find in all colors, shapes and fabrics. The navy blue, olive green, beige or black chinosare worn the most.




How should a pair of chinos fit?

You know, what else makes chinos men's best friends? Your fit. As we all know, a lot of pants are cut extremely wide and just don't fit well on a man's body. At the other end of the spectrum, there are extremely slim, tight pants that are anything but comfortable.

The best fitting chinos for men come in a tailored fit so that they accentuate the figure but do not exert a lot of pressure to feel extremely tight. The cotton fabrics also allow the pants to stretch and move the body a little. One tip: You look taller with chinos. So if you're on the shorter side choose slim-fit chinosto lengthen your legs and look taller and slimmer. On the other hand, if you are tall enough to want to look smaller, try cuffing your chinos to make you look smaller.

The general rule also applies to chinos. So if you want to look thinner, wear black chinos. Definitely try to order tailor-made chinos to get the best fit for your own body.





How to wear chinos

We already mentioned the incredible versatility of chinos. These can be styled casual or formal as you wish for a more casual or elegant look. Basically you can go with a combination of Chino pants + almost everything do nothing wrong.


Chino pants with shirt

Semi-formal outfit for all occasions where you need to look good (but not formal enough to be dressed in a suit). Choose contrasting colors to avoid a boring look and win the outfit game at this event. This look can be worn for many occasions, from exhibitions to informal weddings to formal family celebrations. To achieve a formal look, we recommend choosing one Slim-cut chino pants that look good with any shirt. As for the colors, try your navy blue chinos with a white cotton shirt or olive colored chinos with a beige linen shirt to wear. Don't forget that you can always wear your favorite blazer on colder days. That way, you'll achieve a look that is also considered office-friendly and business-casual.




Chino pants with a polo shirt

If chinos with shirts are a semi-formal combination, should Chinos and polo shirts referred to as quarter-formal. Yes, you are right, this look can be worn everyday if you still want to look well-groomed and tidy. If you want to improve the look, bring your blazer too.





Chino pants with T-shirt

Chinos with a t-shirt are a basic combination for every day. In this case, you can opt for a more casual fit for your chinos to stand out from the crowd, or choose a t-shirt in bright colors to freshen up the look.


Which shoes to wear with chinos?

The rule with the Men's chinos is very simple - you can wear any shoes you want except flip flops (obviously, right?). Shoes are a helpful addition to differentiating between the formal and informal styles of your overall outfit. Decide which style you want to wear and choose your shoes accordingly. Start with sneakers for a relaxed, casual style, improve it with loafers for an everyday, semi-formal style and top it off with leather shoes, to look formal for the most important occasions (I'm still not talking about black-tie events).

Choose suede if you want to keep it loose and shiny, polished leather for a formal look. Do not worry, your chinos will still add a bit of casualness to the look.

Keep the color combinations simple and use the same rules as for suits. That is, if you have a If you wear navy blue chinos, combine it with a brown or black Oxford or Derby shoe. Brogue shoes are the perfect choice for formal occasions as the perforation itself looks very elegant.



Take a look at our collection and find yourself the best chinos that you will wear every day:


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