Who would like to visit Europe this year

The application process for the European programs

You can only submit one application for an exchange with a partner university. A detailed information sheet (116.2 KB) with important information to the required documents as well as the necessary Forms you can as Application set as a zip file download (Europe.zip(412.6 KB)) and then fill it out on your PC.

Please submit your application Completely (!), signed, in duplicate (one copy remains in Bamberg, one copy is sent to the host university), filled in on the computer, sorted and correspondingly provided with more recent passport photos (2 pieces) by post or by dropping it in the university mailbox at the International Office. Applications by email will not be accepted. All documents are in English to submit.

Please note that the application forms can only be filled out with Microsoft Word. Other word processing programs can cause problems.

In detail, your application must consist of the following parts (each in duplicate):

The application rate:

0. Checklist / information sheet  (Europe0Notes.pdf)

1. Application form with passport photo: You must first fill out the application form online and send it off. The one listed belowLink to online application is until June 30, 2021 unlocked. Among other things, you have to enter the name of your desired university and the desired duration of your study abroad in the application form and also state whether you would like to apply for an ERASMUS scholarship for your planned study abroad. After you have sent the application form online, a pdf file is automatically created, which you should save in a safe place for your records. Then print out the application form twice, add a passport photo to it, sign it and then send it to the International Office with the attachments below.

Herego to the online application.

You're welcome check again the completeness and correctness of your informationbefore you on Here we go click.

The pdf is then created with the application form. To do this, the Adobe Acrobat Reader as the standard application Your browser must be set for pdf formats (you can find help on this topic here, for example).

If you notice a mistake, after this If you have already submitted your application, please fill out no further application, but make the change you want by hand directly on the printed application form in front!

2. Copy of your identity card or passport
To study within the EU, Norway and Switzerland, all you need as an EU citizen is a copy of your identity card.
To study in another destination country, you need a copy of your passport, which must be valid for at least 2 years.

3. Tabular curriculum vitae in English
Please include general personal information, educational background, internships, stays abroad, language skills, etc. in your résumé.

4. Freely formulated motivation for the application in English, length: 1 page (Form Europa4.docx)
Why do you want to apply specifically to this host university? Which study-specific reasons motivated you, i.e. which subjects / courses would you like to take there and why? Does the course offer there match your degree program in Bamberg? Have you already inquired about a possible crediting of study achievements and how important is this to you? More subordinate, but possibly also of interest: What do you expect from your stay abroad in general? Why do you want to go to this country specifically?

5. English listing of the study events you have attended so far (Form Europa5.docx)
List all of the study events you have attended at the University of Bamberg, including the current semester, regardless of whether you received a grade or not. Your grades should Completely are listed in the FlexNow system, you do not need to bring any certificates as proof of your grades. We will check the grade information in your listing directly against the Flex-Now.
Students who have received certificates for academic achievements that are not visible in FlexNow, please also submit the original for authentication when submitting their application.
The completeness of the list is important for your subsequent grading at the host university. Since this list may have to be updated again in the coming months (because more grades have been added), it is important that you save this list in a safe place for future use.

6. Up-to-date FlexNow printout and - if applicable - notes (copies)
Additionally To list your grades in English, please add a daily FlexNow printout to one of your two application sentences. If you are studying several subjects, you must enclose a printout of all of your subjects (including Studium Generale).
For master's students who did their bachelor's degree in Bamberg, we need a printout for the bachelor's degree and (if grades already available) for the master's degree.
If grades are not recorded in FlexNow at all (e.g. language courses), you must provide evidence of these courses by enclosing a copy of the certificate.

7. CURRENT language certificate

Minimum level for English and French: B2, for all other languages: B1(concerning. Exceptions, please note the information in the applicant group)!

The certificate of knowledge of the language of instruction is required both for your initial wish and for all universities on the preference list at the time of application. So if you mix universities with different languages ​​on the preference list, you must also submit certificates for the corresponding languages. Subsequent submission is not possible!

The language certificate is not required for universities where the language of instruction is German.

  • Applicants for European universities with the language of instruction English, Spanish or French: Result of 2020/2021 Language tests organized centrally by the Language Center in the respective language (tests from previous years are invalid!). The language tests are only offered on selected dates in summer / autumn. You can find information about the dates and the registration modalities on the website of the language center: https://www.uni-bamberg.de/sz/.
    Only for a small selection of European partner universities a current one is required at the time of application TOEFL or IELTS test result be enclosed. At these universities, this is explicitly stated in the respective group of applicants. Information on the TOEFL and IELTS can be found here.
  • Applicants for European universities with a different language of instruction: Lecturer's language certificate from 2020/2021(Tests from previous years are invalid!). Please use the form Europe7.pdf. You will receive the language certificate free of charge from one of the Bamberg language lecturers. You can find out exactly what these are on the language center's website. If there is no lecturer for your language of instruction, please contact the responsible lecturer. Please contact the relevant lecturers at the language center in good time about a test date.

Alternatively we can accept the following (chargeable) language tests instead of the language certificate:

For English:
- TOEFL ibT with at least 80 points (please note additional information in the applicant group!)
- IELTS with at least 6.5 points
- Cambridge First Certificate (FCE), level B2
- Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), level C1
- Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), level C2

For French:
- Diplôme d'Etudes en langue française (DELF) at least B2
- Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF) at least C1

For Spanish:
- Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE) at least B1
- SIELE, at least B1

8. if applicable:a copy Of your bachelor's certificate (including an English transcript of records)

9. ONLY for applicants who also specify universities from the overseas program on the preference list: ONE lecturer's report (in English!)(Overseas form9.docx)
The lecturer should assess your academic skills in your field of study (s) (not your language skills) and have at least a doctorate. The lecturer's report should not specifically relate to your desired partner university or your desired country, but should generally address your suitability for studying abroad.

10. Preference list (Form Europa10.docx)
On the preference list, you list all universities in the appropriate order at which you would also like to study if we cannot find a place for you at the host university of your first choice. We expect that you have also informed yourself accordingly about these programs. Of course, the more flexible you are, the greater your placement chances.

You can mix European and non-European partner universities as well as exchange programs and self-pay programs on the preference list; you must make it clear in brackets which variant you are applying for. (Universities with which we offer an exchange AND a self-payer program can of course also assign different placements to both options). Please note, however, that you must also belong to the respective group of applicants for universities on the preference list and have the appropriate language skills. If the language of instruction for individual preference universities differs from the language of instruction of your initial request, the corresponding proof of language proficiency must also be submitted for preference list universities at the time of submitting the application.

Please send the application documents to us in a carefully addressed A4 envelope. Simply put the two application sets loosely or with two paper clips in the envelope. Please do not use plastic covers, quick helpers, application folders, etc.!

The application is valid at the beginning of your studies abroad in the academic year 2021/22. Please note that abroad this begins in July, August, September 2021 or January / February 2022. The exact dates vary depending on the partner university.