What do WE dreamers do

"Everyone annoys him and says he is a dreamer"

  • "I would like the teachers not to explain so much in one go"
    9-year-old Julin would be happy if his class would be quieter and the teacher would take more time. In his favorite subject, maths, however, he understands everything without listening.

  • "Something is broken in your brain"
    Sindy Schenk, 39, lives with her daughter, 6, and her husband in the canton of Aargau. The trained educator was a very dreamy child and had bad experiences during her school days. Today she recognizes herself in her daughter.

  • Dreamy children in the class
    Quiet children who have difficulty concentrating on class often drown in everyday school life. The following examples from everyday school life show how teachers can manage to pick up these children from where they are.

  • Dreamy children under pressure
    Concentrate, listen, work independently: some schoolchildren find this very difficult. Why do children tend to daydream? How do parents and teachers best deal with a dreamy child? And how do families manage to pause and dream together in everyday life?

  • How to support dreamy children
    Little dreamers are creative and imaginative, but often overwhelmed by everyday life. And at school, their tendency becomes a problem. How parents can help and support their dreamy child.

  • Weight training for the will
    What helps so that we persist in a task, pursue goals, even if the road to get there is rocky? A budgetary effort and the conscious training of our willpower.

  • My child is dawdling!
    There is little that annoys parents as much as children who dawdle. Why can't the daughter just get dressed and come to the breakfast table? How to gently give second-hand traders a helping hand.