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The Bloody Hand

The Bloody Hand[1] (in German: The bloody hand) is a play written by Izembaro that was performed by a traveling group of actors, the Gate Theater, performed in Braavos.

The play depicts the most important events from the War of the Five Kings in King's Landing. However, these are distorted, simplified or incorrectly reproduced. In addition, the piece contains misrepresentations of characters and crude humor.

The piece

First part

The play begins with the hunting accident of King Robert Baratheon, who is attacked by a boar and seriously injured. On his deathbed, Robert hits back his worried son Joffrey Baratheon and asks Cersei Lannister for the wine, which Tyrion Lannister pours into his drinking horn. Cersei, portrayed as a gentle woman concerned for her son and the kingdom, takes the stage and asks who would best become the king's hand. Robert suggests Ned Stark, who then takes the stage. He is portrayed as quite simple-minded, vulgar and without a sense of politics. At the same time, Tyrion tries to propose to Eddard to appoint him as his hand of the king and gives Eddard Stark the idea of ​​obviously wanting to become king. He refuses Cersei's concern about the succession.

When Eddard wants to claim the Iron Throne after Robert's death, he is only turned down by Joffrey. After being betrayed by Tyrion and Joffreys is crowned king, he is led away by the guards.

This is followed by the execution of Eddard Stark, who is accidentally beheaded despite pleas from Sansa Stark. After Eddard's death, Tyrion takes Sansa's hand and she is depicted humiliating with her breasts bared.

Second part

This part describes the events of the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell, in which Tyrion knowingly poisoned Joffrey and Lady Crane as Cersei mourns him poignantly.

In the last scene of the play, Tyrion shoots his father Tywin Lannister with a crossbow in the toilet.


In the series

Season 6

The play will be performed by the theater company in Sheelba Square. Arya Stark, who received the order from the Faceless Men to murder the leading actress Lady Crane and thus prove herself, mingles with the audience and follows the play. However, she is visibly dissatisfied with the portrayal of her family.

Arya sneaks backstage during the break and watches the performers. She tells Jaqen of her plan that she will poison Lady Crane's rum because she is the only one who drinks it. Arya doubts whether the murder is fair. She suspects that the actress Bianca is behind the assignment, as she is jealous of Lady Crane's acting skills. Jaqen makes it clear to Arya that death doesn't just bring the guilty, as the innocent die too.[2]

When Arya leaves, she meets Lady Crane. She noticed Arya among the audience. Arya tells her that Cersei should not only mourn Joffrey but also show anger about the crime and seek revenge.

Lady Crane's attempt to draw the playwright's attention to the suggestions for improvement fails because of his arrogance and she reaches for the rum. Arya, however, has returned and knocks it out of her hand. She leaves a warning not to trust Bianca because she wants Lady Crane's death.[3]

Despite Izembaro's rejection, Lady Crane Cersei plays angry and seeking revenge, as suggested by Arya. Lady Crane suggests that Arya move on with the group of actors, as they will soon move on to Pentos and perform the play there.[4]


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