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Remove Hair Color: How to Remove Hair Color from Your Skin Easily

Coloring hair is a relaxing pastime for many women. There is hardly anyone who has not even leaned on their hair themselves - with the right products, self-coloring is child's play. Unfortunately, the color not only ends up in the hair, but often also on the skin. Stains on the forehead around the hairline, on the ears, in the neck and on the hands must then be removed as gently as possible. We reveal the best home remedies to remove the color from your skin.

How to remove hair color from the face

Remove hair color with petroleum jelly

The skin on the face is sensitive, so don't rub or rub it. This only irritates the skin and it turns red. If you want to prevent stains while dyeing, you can apply a thin protective layer of petroleum jelly to your forehead around the hairline before you start. A fatty cream or petroleum jelly is also just the thing for removing stains. Tip: Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to a cotton pad or dab the cream directly on the forehead and massage it in. As soon as the cream turns dark, it can be removed from the skin with a damp washcloth. To protect your hands when coloring, always wear the gloves supplied. Should stubborn paint still remain on your hands, leave the petroleum jelly on overnight. Tip: To avoid soiling the bed linen, put cotton gloves over your fingers.

Remove hair color with baby oil

Another good home remedy is baby oil. Not only is it easy to remove make-up, but also unwanted stains after dyeing your hair. The good thing: Since it is very kind to the skin, you can use baby oil on all areas. Apply the baby oil to the stain with your fingers, leave it on overnight if necessary and then remove it with a cosmetic tissue. This trick also works with oily facial cleansing wipes or an oily make-up remover.

Remove hair color with toothpaste

Toothpaste is also great for removing hair color. It acts like a kind of abrasive. In this way, discolored skin cells are practically scraped off. To do this, apply the paste as a thin layer with your fingers or a cotton ball on the stain and massage in for 30 to 60 seconds, then wash off with lukewarm water and a washcloth.

How to remove hair color from hands

Remove hair color with baking soda

A nearly safe recipe for removing hair color from your hands is to use a mixture of baking soda, a mild dish detergent and a few squirts of lemon. To do this, mix two teaspoons of baking powder and washing-up liquid with a little lemon juice. Then moisten a washcloth well and soak it in the paste. With circular movements you can now rub the mixture on the discolored skin and slowly scrub off the stain. Rinse off with lukewarm water at the end. Tip: It's best to apply a moisturizer to your hands as this special method dries out the skin.

Remove hair color with washing-up liquid