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99 percent of drivers want to skip Japan: drivers don't want to go to Motegi

Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta announced a few weeks ago that the race in Motegi will take place this year. The track conditions are accordingly good. However, the radioactive radiation was not taken into account. The riders in the MotoGP paddock see it differently and would like to skip the race this season for this reason.

Before the race on his home track, Jorge Lorenzo made it clear that he doesn't find it particularly exciting to drive in Japan. After watching an evening television program that dealt with nuclear disasters, he found out that he doesn't believe any government and their information about the conditions. "I estimate that around 99 percent of all drivers are not looking forward to the Motegi race, but there won't be many who won't start," said Lorenzo.

"I don't know [if I'm going to boycott it]. I can't say that I definitely won't drive. I'll try to gather as much information as possible about what happens if I don't go there. After that, I'll be myself." I think that among the drivers I am the one who firmly believes that I will not be there, "said Lorenzo.

Rossi initially trusts Ezpeleta

On Friday, the Spaniard spoke to his ex-team-mate Valentino Rossi, who has a high position in the security commission. He is speculating on a union of the great drivers to cause a race cancellation. "I don't know whether he and other drivers are completely convinced not to drive. We won't be able to answer this question for a few weeks."

Meanwhile, Rossi trusts Ezpeleta's statements. "A lot of pilots are worried about the situation because a lot of them came up to me and told me that. But I think the best thing will be to watch the situation for another two or three months to understand how things are going and then we'll see. But I think the GP will take place, "said Rossi.

Nicky Hayden doesn't like the decision to race in Japan either, even if he likes the Grand Prix in the land of the rising sun. "I don't think it would be particularly smart [to race there]. Nobody knows what can happen. I think it's not worth the risk."

Honda factory driver Casey Stoner finds the fact of even racing to be inappropriate. "In my opinion, motorcycle racing is not the most important thing for the Japanese at the moment. Maybe all the effort and time could be used for something better than a race," said Stoner, "In my opinion we shouldn't go there."