What does the word Joydeep mean


Clement on the name Kirubel:

"Name of the angels who are keepers of GOD'S throne". The first name Kirubel comes from the ancient Ethiopian language Ge'ez. Ge'ez is he ... Continue reading

Revin to the name Revin:

Hello my name is Revin and I am a girl. My name means in my language: love street! Continue reading

Rasho to the name Rasho:

It comes from Kurdish and means something like black. Continue reading

jefferson on the name Javin:

Javin is a lovely name and one of a kind Continue reading

siju on the name Eluney:

Elunay or Eluney means: the gift. It is a name that is more common among the Mapuche Indians in Chile. Continue reading

Vicco to the name Vicco:

My name is Vicco, but my name is not on the menu. LOL Continue reading

Lina on the name Lina:

My name is "Lina" myself and I think that the name Lina is not right what it says I AM NOT INDIVIDUAL and I ... Continue reading

Darja about the name Daimen:

I have 2 children Niklas and d Kingston Ben and now a 3 boy in August it will be a Daimen Elias Continue reading

Sedra to the name Sedra:

My name is Sedra too, and I think my name is really nice Continue reading

Marel to the name Marel:

First name Marel, no middle name, born 2002, southern Germany, MALE! Continue reading

Solveig to the name Solveig:

It is a pity that the meaning is missing here. Meaning: way to the sun, sun way origin: Norway Continue reading