How can I make violin better

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Hello Viola Sora!

You remind me a little of me when I was 16. I had violin lessons for nine years, couldn't vote, couldn't vibrato, could only first position (but clean), and somehow it never sounded the way I wanted. In the orchestra (school) I was able to keep up to a certain extent and that was also fun, but I was unmotivated because it sounded stupid and I would never have wanted to play anything. I practiced maybe 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes.

When I was 16 it became too stupid for me, I had other interests and the violin was put on the cupboard. Very rarely, when I was at home in the next 10 years, I took it out and fiddled it a bit ... that was weird, but the basics were still right.

When I was 28, I happened to have the violin in my hand at a friend's house, which he had bought at the flea market. And all of a sudden it grabbed me again. Since then I have learned a lot, including that bad tone is mainly due to bow technique and bow holding, which I have never improved extensively.

I'm excited about it and haven't regretted it for a moment.

To cut a long story short:

Either right, or not at all .. I would say too. By "correct" I mean taking lessons at least every 2 weeks and practicing (almost) every day for at least one, better two hours.

And not at all does not mean: never. If you have your own violin then keep it, maybe it will come to you at a later point in your life;)

All the best!