When will the time machine come into being

The time machine

The time machine

The time machine is a device with which one can travel 33 years into the past and 33 years into the future. She plays a central role in Dark and was made by H.G. Tannhaus and activated by Jonas Kahnwald's future self.

History [edit | Edit source]

In 1953, the then watchmaker H.G. Tannhaus to build the time machine according to Claudia Tiedemann's plans in his watchmaker's workshop. According to her, this is intended to straighten out the passage of time. In 1986 he finished it. It is not yet known whether the plans, like many other things in the series, are a bootstrap paradox, or if the plans were actually created by someone (in this case, most likely Claudia).

However, only when the stranger asks him to repair his version of the machine does H.G. Tannhaus explains how activation works (this is definitely the bootstrap paradox). With the help of Ulrich Nielsen's smartphone, which he forgot in his shop 33 years earlier, and the radioactive isotope 137Cs, provided by the stranger, he manages to activate the machine.

How it works [edit | Edit source]

The machine creates a wormhole that connects different time levels. This enables you to travel through time. However, the stranger wants to use it for something else. He wants to collapse the wormhole in the cave and thus close the passage (the transition) again.

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