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Which menthol alternatives andAre there any successor products?

There are several successor products, but there are no longer any finished menthol cigarettes.
With the Elixyr + product series it is possible to produce menthol cigarette alternatives yourself. Elixyr + Tobacco and matching menthol pods or aroma stones are available for plugging. The menthol filter tips, which also fit perfectly with the Elixyr + cigarettes, are suitable for rolling. So with these 5 products you can make a menthol cigarette in different ways.
West Polar cigarettes and Rizla Ice aroma cards together create the taste of the former West Ice.
Although the Pall Mall Flow cigarettes can unfortunately have a "small" opening on the filter NO 6mm filters with aroma can be used.
5 ways to make your own menthol cigarette / How do I make menthol cigarettes?
  • 1. Menthol filters: There are Menthol flavored filter. These can be put in a cigarette with a special filter like the Mark 1 hybrid or the Elixyr + cigarettes used as well as when turning and tamping yourself. We also offer a cigarette holder with which you can put a 6mm menthol filter on any normal cigarette.


  • 2. Menthol pods: Menthol flavored pods can be used directly with the stopper. The aroma is already in the pod and is released more strongly when smoking.


  • 3. Aroma cards: Aroma cards are placed in the cigarette pack for at least 2 hours and transfer the aroma to the cigarettes. Aroma cards are available in the flavors menthol, ice and various types of fruit. Rizla Ice aroma cards in conjunction with West Polar cigarettes give the taste of the earlier West Ice cigarettes.


  • 4. Menthol Aroma Spray: With the Ottaman Menthol Spray you can add menthol aroma to aroma cards, aroma stones and filters. The spray is sprayed on the object, has to act there for at least 30 minutes and can then release the aroma to the cigarettes. The longer the aroma can act, the more intense the taste will be. The characteristic coolness in the throat is also clearly noticeable, so it is a real insider tip for a menthol cigarette.


  • 5. Mint aroma with blank aroma cards: Put the liquid from the Scentit ampoule on a blank aroma card, an aroma stone or in your tobacco. This is how you get a menthol cigarette without much effort.


  • 6. Menthol aroma stone: The aroma stone is placed in the cigarette packet for several hours and thus aromatizes the tobacco products. It is suitable for all types of cigarettes.
Why are menthol cigarettes and menthol tobacco no longer available?
According to the Tobacco Product Directive of the European Union, cigarettes, cigarette tobacco and heets with menthol or aromatic additives have not been allowed to be sold since May 20th, 2020. This was already specified by the EU in the Tobacco Product Directive 2 (TPR2) in 2015 and has been in force since May 20, 2020.
Which articles does the ban concern?


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