How should these sentences be interrupted?

Verbs in a sentence


1.Sg.2.Sg. (unp. 3rd Sg)Imp
Praet 1st / 3rd partyPerf 1.Sg. (unp. 3.Sg.)Conj 2 1.Sg.
interruptedhave interruptedinterrupt


to interrupt sb
I interrupt you.
interrupt something
I interrupt my presentation.
The game was interrupted.


Don't keep interrupting me! (= Let me finish, don't start speaking until I'm finished!)
I interrupted to ask him a question.

I paused to ask him a question.

All broadcasters interrupted their programs to report on the terrorist attack.
When the thunderstorm began, the game was paused.


A tennis match can either interrupted or canceled be e.g. B. because of bad weather. In the first case, it continues when the Interruption, so the break is over; a cancellation on the other hand means that it is over.

Word family

the interruption