Pick your nose disgusting

What habits do you find disgusting in your child?

The little one picks her nose with relish and pulls the slimy nostril out of her delicate snub nose - how can something so disgusting be produced by such a sweet creature, one inevitably wonders. And children can increase the level of horror. Whoops, the slime has already disappeared in the mouth. “Wuh!” Is probably the most common reaction in this situation. While mom and dad are recovering from one child's disgusting snack, the other child who is eating sneezes all over the table and spreads the half-chewed something over all of the food. enjoy the meal!

Picky hands and runny noses

Even if parents are hardened by changing diapers, drooling and vomiting, everything is not sweet what the little people do and, above all, produce: "Little children's hands are constantly pecking, and so often something just trickles out of them Nose, "is how a colleague sums up the things that she finds disgusting about children. Horror often creates the licking off of all things, as this Twitter user describes:

Or if you catch the youngsters doing their hairdressing or brushing their teeth - but with the toilet brush. Then what is the adequate response? Scold, spit or just laugh?

What do you sometimes find disgusting about your child?

Has your level of disgust decreased since you had a child? Or do you still find phlegm, snot and vomit gruesome? (haju, March 27, 2019)