Should Tom Cruise fight Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber provokes Tom Cruise again: Dwayne Johnson interferes

Singer Justin Bieber continues his provocation against Tom Cruise in 2021. This time Dwayne Johnson also reacts to the challenge.

The madness will continue in 2021. This time he starts with a singer Justin Bieber. This leaves the two-year-old feud with the "Mission: Impossible" star Tom Cruise flare up - only now evenDwayne Johnson interferes.

The 26-year-old posted a black and white picture of himself on Instagram, showing him in a ring with boxing gloves. Below is the caption "Tom Cruise is Toast":

The picture comes from the music video for Bieber's new single "Anyone" and was not staged specifically for the threat to Cruise. However, he received instructions in some martial arts for the shoot and is now in no way inferior to the tried-and-tested Cruise.

Justin Bieber has no chance against these action heroes:

Dwayne Johnson also interferes

Actor Dwayne Johnson reacted to the picture (via CinemaBlend). He commented with a quote from "Rocky", "You'll eat lightning and shit thunder," and added, "Get it, brother." Most likely, neither Bieber nor Johnson are serious about the threats and will see it as friendly joke.

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Bieber's provocation towards Cruise began in 2019. At that time, the singer challenged Cruise to a fight in a tweet and insinuated that he would be afraid if he did not accept the challenge. He has also called on Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to host the fight.

Tom Cruise has not commented on the declaration of war two years ago or the current threat from Justin Bieber. So we don't know whether he'll take it all as great fun or really take it seriously. The singer himself claimed after the tweet that everything was just a joke and everyone can laugh about it. Why Bieber is provoking Cruise again now, of all times, only he knows.

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