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Admins and employees in user support could actually lead a wonderful life - if it weren't for the DAU. This inconspicuous abbreviation stands for "stupidest user to be assumed" in technical jargon. If a user who comes from this category dials the IT support number again, in the best IT crowd tradition, this can create bizarre, funny and sometimes extremely nerve-wracking situations. So it's no wonder that both service technicians and system administrators are among the most stressful IT jobs of all.

IT support hell: When the admin sees red

Operating a computer, notebook or smartphone correctly poses ever more profound challenges for normal users - especially in the corporate environment. At least some. It is therefore not surprising that the IT support departments of companies in particular are bombarded with thousands and thousands of support requests on a regular basis. In cooperation with the IT management provider Solarwinds, we will show you how much pain and agony a DAU can conjure up for IT support employees and administrators.

DAU support inquiries: no end in sight

You still haven't had enough of dubious inquiries from IT support? We already thought so! Therefore, at this point you can delight in other DAU stories that our readers have brought to us. Anyone who rejects picture galleries in the digital age for reasons of faith can read all the stories again in text form.

  1. The best DAU stories ...
    ... we have collected "hung up" in our online forum. See how overly unsuspecting or unreasonable users make system administrators angry or laugh.
  2. 1. Caution cables!
    If you often go around your desk to relax, you should watch out for the cables. Then he does not have to call support if the PC no longer works. All you have to do is plug the cable back in.
  3. 2. It's all a question of folder management
    Perfectionists can easily wreak havoc: Since the "file clutter" in the Windows folder was too big for the user, she neatly created folders from A to Z and moved all files that begin with "A" to the "A" folder, including all files "B" in the "B" folder and so on. With the result that she ruined her new computer.
  4. 3. Where was the mouse hiding?
    A user reported that something creaks or snores in the power strip. Is there a mouse hiding there? The support employee became curious: “A mouse on the ninth floor?” When he arrived there, he heard the snoring noises and looked at the user's screen: “Then I saw" Merlin ", who had fallen asleep, as a Windows help animation. The user had chosen "Merlin" himself. "
  5. 4. A networking professional's patience has its limits.
    Not only inexperienced PC users can make life difficult for system administrators. There is real trouble when the admin has to deal with an IT professional who has no idea about the network. Of course he doesn't admit that, after all, he's an IT professional.
  6. 5. Help, the tail is too short ...
    If such a call for help is received by the user support, the inexperienced user earns incomprehension or roaring laughter. The computer mouse is called like the animal, but its tail is not such, but a cable ...
  7. 6. Why watering cans have no place in the office.
    A user heard her computer humming and saw that the "ship's propeller" (meaning the net fan) was so dusty and unceremoniously doused it with water to clean it.
  8. 7. Turn off the computer, why is that?
    One company encourages employees to save electricity and turn off monitors and printers every evening. When the IT man did his rounds in the evening and switched everything off, he received 25 desperate calls the next day that the printers and screens were broken. Nobody remembered that you just had to turn it on.
  9. 8. Can my keyboard also speak English?
    A new employee in an American company requests a German keyboard. Then the lady from Tech Support: Can you write English mails on a German keyboard?
  10. 9. Help, the mouse won't move!
    Admin: So I'm hooked up with you now. You can see this by the movement of the mouse. User: No, the mouse doesn't move. Admin: Of course the mouse moves. Take a look. User: No, the mouse doesn't move. Admin (impatiently): Of course the mouse moves. I can see it too. User: No, the mouse doesn't move. Admin (angry): But the mouse is moving. Don't you see the little arrow jumping across the monitor? User: The arrow, yes. But the mouse doesn't move.
  11. 10. Allow me, I am a network specialist!
    An interview in a large system house. A chemist who introduces herself as a TCP / IP expert. The interviewer asks what the abbreviation TCP / IP should mean? She replies that she doesn't know that either! He asks if she can give an example of an IP address. You: He: Is that the IP address of your computer? You: Yes!
  12. 11. From the internet and the wide world of crocheting
    Call to the first level support of an Internet service provider. A lady says she has read the whole internet and would like a new one, please. after some back and forth it becomes clear that she only always called up the preset start page of the Internet service provider. The support employee brings her close to Google and makes the lady rapt because she finds over 50,000 entries for her hobby crocheting alone. Certain concerns remain: Yes, but I don't want all of the Internet, isn't it then much too expensive, or what is it supposed to cost?
  13. 12. The right mouse button, huh?
    Support staff: ... mark and then just copy and paste into the new field ... User with many years of Windows experience: Uh, but you haven't opened the menu above? Support staff: No, I did that with the help of the right mouse button. Look like this ... User: "Oh, and I thought it was for left-handers."
  14. 13. The abandoned desk
    20 minutes of telephone support during the application, and then it came ... Support staff: Take a minute outside, we will activate the order, and then you will continue to enter data. The woman actually leaves the room, we hear the door slam.
  15. 14. Put it in the dishwasher!
    Will a Mac keyboard survive being cleaned in the dishwasher? Yes, said the man. No, said the woman, betting two bottles of whiskey against it ...
  16. 15. The whiskey ...
    ... the man could then confidently enjoy himself after pulling his keyboard out of the dishwasher, clean and fully functional ...