How many people are in the constitution

100 years of B-VG

On October 1, 2020, the Federal Constitutional Law will celebrate its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, consultations and drafts as well as the submissions of citizens and municipalities are made accessible in digital form for the first time. More

What is a constitution?

The constitution lays down the "rules of the game" for the action of state institutions and is therefore the most important basis for the functioning of the state. Only it enables the state organs, i.e. parliament, the administration and the courts, to act. Because of its importance, it can only be changed under special conditions. More

The federal constitutional law

In Austria there are several federal constitutional laws that regulate the legal basis at the national level, and nine state constitutions. The Federal Constitutional Law of 1920 has a central position. Austria is thus one of the states whose constitution has a particularly long history. More

Basic principles of the Federal Constitution

Every constitution makes certain fundamental determinations about the form of government and government, the structure of the state and the rights and duties of the people in the state. Such basic principles can also be found in the Austrian Federal Constitution. They can only be changed with the consent of the citizens. More

Federal Constitution and Parliament

The principle of democracy and the rule of law are of particular importance among the principles of the Federal Constitution. They stipulate that the federal government, administration and courts may only act on the basis of laws. Laws that apply nationwide may only be passed by the National Council with the participation of the Federal Council. More

The rights of the ethnic groups

Tolerance, minority rights and protection against discrimination are elementary for living together in a modern state. These principles find their legal basis in the Federal Constitution. The rights of the ethnic groups are of particular importance. More

Constitutional reform in Austria

The Federal Constitutional Law was created in 1920 and comprehensively reformed in 1929. Since then, a great deal has changed in the state and in society. That is why the Federal Constitution has been adapted and supplemented again and again, for example after Austria joined the European Union. Major reforms have been discussed for a number of years. Parliament plays an important role in this. More