Who is Lakshmana in Mahabharata

Chapter 46 - Abhimanyu versus more warriors, deaths of Lakshmana and Kratha

Dhritarashtra said:
What you tell me about the relentless battle between this one, all-round victorious and overpowering hero and the many, oh Suta, is truly extremely astonishing and almost unbelievable. But I think in the way of the righteous there is no wonder that is impossible. What tactic did my warriors next choose against Abhimanyu after Duryodhana was repulsed and the hundred princes slain?

Sanjaya replied:
Many of your warriors had dry lips and their eyes wandered restlessly. Their bodies were covered with cold sweat and their hair stood on end. They despaired and wanted to leave the battlefield. Ready to leave their wounded brothers, fathers, sons and friends behind, they spurred their horses and elephants on and fled as fast as they could. But now Drona, Drona's son, Vrihadvala and Kripa attacked, followed by Duryodhana, Karna, Kritavarman and Shakuni. With great anger they rushed to save the broken order of battle and to fight the son of Subhadra. Abhimanyu repulsed most of the attackers, only your grandson Lakshmana continued to fight fearlessly, for his youth in luxury, his pride in the use of weapons, his youthful energy and inexperience in combat did not make him back down. His father Duryodhana feared for him and returned to stand by him. And other mighty charioteers in turn followed Duryodhana. Abhimanyu soaked them all with his arrows, like a downpour down a mountain slope, and scattered them all by themselves, as if dry winds were driving the clumping clouds apart again. And like a furious elephant he fought relentlessly with the undefeated Lakshmana, your beautiful grandson, who bravely stood very close to his father, and with a bowed bow resembled a yaksha prince. Abhimanyu hit him in both arms and chest with sharp arrows. But your grandson Lakshmana spoke furiously to your other grandson Abhimanyu: “Take a good look at this world, because you will soon pass into the other. I will send you to the realm of Yamah in front of your family! ”At these words from his opponent, Abhimanyu picked up a broad-headed arrow that shone like a freshly skinned snake. Carried on the way by his strong arms, he separated Lakshmana the magnificently adorned head from the torso with the enchanting eyes, the beautifully curved nose and the delightful curls. At the fall of Lakshmanas, your troops cried out in agony and Duryodhana burned with anger. Loudly he shouted to his people: "Kill him!" And Drona, Kripa, Karna, Drona's son, Vrihadvala and Kritavarman, these six charioteers surrounded Abhimanyu. The latter sent out sharp arrows and struck them back at a distance, only to attack Jayadratha's great army with great speed and frenzy. But the armed Kalingas, Nishadas and the brave son of Kratha cut him off with their elephant division. The battle that followed between them and Arjuna's son became horrific and brought everything to a standstill. Abhimanyu devastated the elephant division until Kratha covered him with a thick cloud of arrows. In the meantime Drona had gathered the already fled car warriors again and led them to attack Abhimanyu with high and mighty weapons. But Abhimanyu stopped all these attacks and was determined to kill Kratha. With undiminished energy and great penetration, he released his arrows at the enemy, and Kratha's bow, quiver, arms with bracelets, his diadem-adorned head, umbrella, standard, charioteer and horses fell to the ground in pieces. When even the noble, learned, strong, and glorious Kratha with excellent demeanor fell, almost all heroic fighters left the battle discouraged.