Pain turns people into assholes

The little asshole and the old sack - dying sucks

Little assholes don't really exist, because little assholes are children, and children cannot yet be held responsible for what they do, what they do and what they say. This is always the fault of the parents, who are then obviously big assholes, although the predicate big can be omitted, as we have just learned. As my father correctly remarked in my youth: "There are many assholes growing on the tree of life, the older they get, the bigger they are." Smart man, my father, he makes us aware of the desperate situation in life. But I've also met a short adult in my neighborhood who was an asshole. I don't really know whether you're talking about a small or a stunted asshole. But one thing is clear first, if you have parents as assholes, you usually become one yourself. Mostly! But not Muuuuss. I know a lot of fine people who have assholes for parents and still made it. Again there are many excellent parents whose children have developed into fantastic assholes even without their involvement. But most of the assholes in Germany are ... well, better not, otherwise I'll be sued. With Walter Moer's little asshole, I'm not quite sure whether I should find it funny or totally crap. When the "little asshole" saw the light of the feature film projectors in 1997, it was somehow justified. But today 2006? I do not know. There are now too many assholes to even notice a little one and let alone find it funny. But we live in a democracy and that means everyone their little asshole.
In short and without pain: The grandfather of the little asshole, the old bag (excellent spoken by the litter box owner Helge Schneider) fell into the earthen furniture at the funeral of Ms. Mövenpick and was buried alive. The old sack ends up in hell without further ado, which obviously suits him well, as 1000 nymphomaniac nurses lurk for his old sack every night. Why his little asshole wants to get him out of there, however, is something you, dear reader and cinema fanatic, have to find out for yourself, whether you see yourself as an asshole or not. Thank you for your attention.
Ray van Zeschau