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Smart whiteboard printed

An innovative alternative to glass boards

Are you looking for a unique whiteboard for your office wall? Our frameless whiteboards are completely customizable. You can choose your shape, size and color. They can even be printed with your logo!

Personalize several whiteboards at the same time and you not only benefit from a larger work surface, but also from free shipping from two whiteboards. (Shipping is between € 35 and € 75 depending on the size). For the price list click here.

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Advantages of the smart printed whiteboard

Our whiteboard is unbreakable and also much cheaper than glass boards. We are also happy to adapt your individualized board to your office design. This makes our smart whiteboard a perfect solution for creating a professional work environment. Integrate your brand logo into your newly designed whiteboard wall. In contrast to traditional magnetic glass boards, you can use magnets to attach objects to our whiteboard as well as write on them. The idea behind our made-to-measure whiteboards is to support you in your communication and collaboration. Design a board for project management, a notepad for your meetings or as a wall decoration with a function. If you need a larger magnetic and writable surface, our whiteboards are a perfect solution. Find out more about our wallpapers and colors.

Product details

Easy installation. Just hang the board up like a picture.
Easy to clean, no smears or shadows
Decide whether your whiteboard should also have a magnetic function or not
White whiteboards are also available in matt. If you would like other colors to be printed on your whiteboard, only the glossy option is available.
There are three sizes available: Small, Medium, and Large *
Made in Europe
5 year performance guarantee

* Small whiteboard (any size up to 0.84mx 0.59m) from € 260
Medium-sized whiteboard (any size between 0.84mx 0.59m and 1.2mx 1.2m) from € 305
Large whiteboard (any size between 1.2m x 1.2m and 2.4m x 1.2m) from € 380

For the price list click here.

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