Do you trust God more than you trust yourself

... trust is better.

Control is good

An encouragement from Joyce Meyer | Reading time: 3 minutes

Today I want to talk about a decision each of us can make - a wonderful and important decision that will bring joy, benevolence, care, and supernatural protection into your life. Whatever happens!

Making courageous decisions is like jumping into the unknown. Do you dare?

No matter what challenge you are currently facing, what fight you are fighting, what opportunity is presented to you or what obstacle is piling up in front of you - choose to trust God.

Because if you trust God, your life will get better. And he gave you the freedom to make that decision today!

Joyce Meyer

I know that trusting God is not always easy. But we have to realize that this trust is not based on feelings. It is a decision and no one can make that decision for us.

Trust in God in every situation

When we make a determination to trust God, we can leave fear, defeat, uncertainty, and doubt behind and receive blessings, confidence, peace, and joy. As I look back on my life, I realize how many times God has worked in my life. It shows me how loyal he is and how he values ​​our belief in him. Therefore it is not difficult for me to put my faith in him and to trust him at any time and in any situation.

When I think about what 2019 may have in store for us, I can't imagine what better way to arm us than trusting God. Perhaps it takes a lot of courage and effort to take this step. But no matter what situation you are in, if you make the decision to trust God more than your thoughts, your feelings and your circumstances, I believe that one day you will be able to say: It was the best decision of my life!

David is a great role model to use as a guide. Look at what he wrote in Psalm 37: 3:

Trust in the Lord and do good, then you will live safely in the land and you will be well.

The Bible: Psalm 37: 3

Biblical scholars say that David wrote this psalm in his old age. I can well imagine how he was reviewing his life as he wrote these words and remembered them ...

  • ... how he trusted God to defeat Goliath.
  • ... how he trusted God's promise to make him king.
  • ... how he trusted in God even though Saul tried to kill him.
  • ... how he trusted God to win over the enemies of Israel.

As David thought back on all these events and realized how much God had done for him, he made the decision to go forward in faith and to make the words “Trust God!” His motto in life. The truth in this verse has changed my personal life for several reasons.

When people let you down

Today you often hear the sentence: “You can't trust anyone anymore”, and that was exactly my experience. As a young girl, I knew I couldn't trust my parents because they mistreated me. I couldn't trust my relatives either. They refused to help me and just exclaimed, “I don't want to interfere. That's none of my business. ”As I grew into a teenager and a young adult woman, experience after experience hammered the same message into me:“ You can't trust anyone! ”The truth is: It's hard to trust. But I have found that people disappoint us, but God will never do that.

God won't let you down

Our Heavenly Father has proven time and again that we can trust Him with everything we give Him. If you trust God, He will pick you up where you are and help you get where you are supposed to be. And he will bring people into your life that you can trust. No one is perfect. But when you trust God, both in your relationships and in your circumstances, you can always rely on His promise that He will use everything - including bad - for good for you.

Put all your trust in God

God won't let you down. He is a good and loving father who wants to look after and care for his children! So if you don't know what to do or who to turn to, just start laying your situation on God. You can make this decision knowing that he is ready to help you. Here are some practical examples:

  • If you are concerned about unexpected expenses, turn the problem on to God. Trust that he will help you.
  • When one of your relationships breaks and you don't know what to do, trust that God will show you and rest in his faithfulness.
  • If the doctor gives you a diagnosis that makes you afraid, trust that God can heal you and that according to his word he will give you the strength to endure it.

You may be thinking, “Joyce, this is easier said than done. I've tried to trust God, but worries keep catching up with me. I wish I could give them to God. I wish I had the courage to trust God in any situation, no matter how difficult it may be. "

From: Joyce Meyer monthly letter January 2019

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