Is Bebe Rexha depressed

In a moving interview, the musician confesses that she has repeatedly struggled with anxiety and panic attacks and learned how to deal with such moments.

New album “Expectations”
With “In the Name of Love”, “Me, Myself & I” and “No Broken Hearts”, Bebe Rexha has made a name for herself in the music business in recent years and will soon release her debut album “Expectations”. As the title suggests, the musician on the work processed her beginnings in the game and confessed to the “TeenVogue” team how she had dealt with all the pressure on her person.

“I was always scared because I wanted to be accepted. In my brightest hour, people said the worst things about me. It was the time when I could no longer eliminate the fears and fears or insecurities, but get through. "

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- Mark Mantra (@meditaudios) June 18, 2018

But these moments are not completely gone, as she added and explained that such situations arise again and again, but Bebe is able to fight them.

“I cry a lot. Its hard. I have my own therapist and I have people to talk to. I feel like it's a struggle every day, ”the 28-year-old confessed and added that she would have her depression, anxiety and panic attacks under control by now.

New single
By the way, Rexha also has her lovesickness under control, which she describes in more detail in the new track "I'm A Mess". Among other things, she sings about the fact that the other person doesn't love her and that it would be okay for her if her therapist would help her out of a tight spot and talk to her about this loss. This way to the work: