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Establishing a mastermind group: Instructions for mutual success

Everyone knows working in teams and groups from their own everyday work or from school and studies. More can be achieved together, strengths complement each other and individual weaknesses can be compensated for. Exactly this advantage also makes the Mastermind group advantage. You don't have to spend hours, days and weeks struggling alone with a problem, a challenge or just a topic that preoccupies you. There are always like-minded people or just interested people who you can team up with in order to be more successful together. Various factors play an important role, above all personal initiative in the Design and implementation of a mastermind group, but of course also the right composition of the participants and clear agreements from which everyone can benefit ...

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What exactly is a mastermind group?

Mastermind group - that sounds a bit like a secret society that tries to usurp world domination, pulls the strings in important decisions and steers the fate of entire countries from the background. Those who hoped for this will unfortunately be disappointed because a mastermind group sounds almost simple or even boring in comparison - in practice it is usually not at all.

A mastermind group brings together people who are interested in the same topic, have to do with a similar problem or are simply looking for the exchange of opinions, views, advice or passions. It is one Gathering of like-minded peoplebut they don't have to be the same.

Unlike at work, for example, where a group usually consists of colleagues who have similar approaches and have similar training and skills - apart from working together across several departments - the participants can form a mastermind group completely different areas come. All that is needed is a common denominator, an anchor around which the participants come together.

What this core topic of the mastermind group looks like remains completely individual. Every imaginable topic can be in focus. Often it is professional aspects, certain topics or developments that are relevant or hotly debated in an industry. But mastermind groups can also be set up for a hobby, for an area you've always found fascinating, or for a skill you want to study.

For example, you can set up a mastermind group for programming skills, a group that deals with women in leadership positions (although the participants should of course not be limited to women only) or a local group that deals with politics or the opportunities in the neighborhood busy - whatever your heart beats for, is suitable as a basis for a mastermind group.

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This is how a mastermind group works

Similar to the focus of a mastermind group, the following also applies to its process: It can be done not a general plan determine which works equally for each individual group and is the best implementation. This is precisely why it is important that founders and participants in a mastermind group find out which organization and which process should be used.

Sounds easy, but it does come with a number of challenges that can be nerve-wracking and difficult to overcome. There is a moment several important questionsyou have to answer.

  • When should the mastermind meetings take place?

    Everyone knows: whoever tries that Dates of a group coordinating is near desperate at some point. Seemingly impossible to find a time when all participants have some free time to attend the mastermind meetings.

    It takes a bit of tact to find the different ones To consider appointment requests and to enable anyone interested to participate in the mastermind group. Appointments in the evening have proven particularly useful, but often only the weekend is left.

  • Who should participate in the mastermind group?

    The success of a mastermind group depends on the participants. You not only have to be motivated, otherwise the exchange will stall very quickly and will be kept silent at the meeting, but also Enthusiasm or knowledge bring along for the topic.

    What you expect from the participants also influences where to find them: Directly in your circle of friends and acquaintances, at work, via social media and forums or, for example, at networking events.

  • How big should the mastermind group be?

    Mastermind groups should not get too big, otherwise there will be no real exchange and instead lectures in front of you large group being held. This can also work on various topics, but does not belong in the concept of the mastermind group.

    A more personal environment where conversations and discussions are possible has the greatest chance of success. Mastermind groups from five to a maximum of ten people are found most frequently. How big the perfect group is always depends on how active the individual participants are and how big the interaction is.

  • How should the meetings take place?

    Fortunately, there are various technical ways that mastermind meetings can take place without all participants themselves gather in one place have to. Video chats can be held from anywhere and allow digital exchange in the group.

    But it can also be an advantage to meet in person and get to know the other participants in the mastermind group better. this is a Question of priorities and also the practicality - if the participants are distributed across the country or even internationally, only the digital variant remains.

For the process of a mastermind group you should also start from the beginning clear rules be determined. These go beyond the definition of a topic, but should not restrict, but rather guide the joint project and ensure that everyone benefits equally from it.

An important rule for mastermind groups is therefore this Win-win situation. In other words: ALL participants in the group should benefit from it. It is not about promoting individual members or placing them in the foreground. Even the founder of such an association does not stand above the other or has special claims. Nobody is disadvantaged, nobody is preferred, everyone should be equally open and ready to pass on their knowledge and skills and make them available to the entire group.

In addition, it should definitely be made clear that it is about Cooperation and also about solidarity goes. That does not mean that there is an obligation to conform, on the contrary. Everyone can and is encouraged to contribute their views and opinions - without being condemned, badly spoken or belittled. Discussions are encouraged, other opinions can be debated, but not excluded from the outset.

Instructions: Tips for starting a mastermind group

Mastermind groups have many advantages, such as exchanging ideas with like-minded people who share their own interests, but also the opportunity to benefit from the experience or knowledge that you still lack. These mutual complement makes the meetings so valuable. For example, founders can get together to exchange ideas about their respective paths and to jointly look for solutions to problems that everyone will face at some point.

Unfortunately, mastermind groups don't grow on trees and so it is up to you to find a way to reap the benefits of such a group. One chance is this directly to look in your environment. Maybe there is already something similar, a forum or even a meeting. Do some research on the Internet or talk to friends, acquaintances and colleagues who have similar interests.

Trade fairs or events on your topic are also a good starting point for finding mastermind groups or at least establishing initial contact in the right direction. But sometimes you just have to realize that there is no suitable mastermind group for you.

Now you can bury your head in the sand in frustration and come to terms with the fact that you have just been unlucky - or you can roll up your sleeves and found your own mastermind group that is tailored to your topic. Sounds very complicated and time-consuming? It doesn't have to be.

We have a few simple tips that can help you start a mastermind group:

  • Make the goal clear

    If you want to start a mastermind group, you should first know why. What are your goals and what should the group achieve? The doesn't have to be earth-shatteringHaving a platform for sharing or combining strengths can be a good and meaningful goal.

    Make sure you target this as well known to all participants to do so that they do not approach the matter with false expectations and hopes.

  • Talk to potential participants

    Your mastermind group will turn out to be do not fill up with participants by themselves if nobody knows about this. It's up to you to do the advertising a little, approach potential attendees, and make others aware that you've created something that might interest them.

    Start with friends and colleagues, but it's definitely worth it To expand search radius and also to look further outside. Network and bring up the topic at events. It is also helpful to introduce your new mastermind group through your social media channels.

  • Take care of the organization

    Where and when do you meet Who takes on which tasks? How is the moderation of the meeting regulated? What should it be about at the beginning and how is the topic approached? Organizing a mastermind group always brings up some questions to answer the As the founder, you care first have to.

    But it is also conceivable that the ToDos divided among several participants to relieve a little of the burden on individual shoulders.

  • Discuss the rules

    Rules can only be adhered to if they are known to all members of the mastermind group and if they have agreed to them. At the beginning of the first meeting, when you introduce yourself, thank you for participating and explain what it is about, you should therefore also address the rules.

    Let not the strict head teacher Just explain briefly that there are some aspects that you consider important and that you would therefore like to discuss briefly in advance.

  • Make sure you communicate continuously

    The initial interest and initial enthusiasm should last as long as possible and ensure that the mastermind meetings take place regularly and are not forgotten after two or three appointments. This works if you have the Maintain communication and also, if there is no upcoming meeting, look for an exchange - be it by email or phone.

    Especially at the beginning it is also advisable to use the Time between meetings not too long to be let. Once a week is a good rhythm, but not always to be followed. In the best case, there should not be more than four weeks between the individual mastermind meetings.

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