What's next after ECE Polytechnic

  • Then you shouldn't use any other oil besides ester-containing oil in the future, right? There was someone who sent an inquiry to Ravenol regarding the HVE 10W50 in his Z4, and received an answer that he shouldn't change.
    Or am I getting something wrong?

    Since I was in contact with Ravenol (not: Ravenol-Shop) anyway, I asked the following question:

    "I've been driving the Ravenol SSL in my 13-year-old BMW Z4 for a few months. Before that, I had used the Mobil-1 New Life for many years.
    Based on my driving profile, I plan to switch to the Ravenol VST (5W-40) with the next oil change.
    Both the SSL and the New Life contain esters, which are strongly suspected of causing seals to swell a little.
    As far as I know, the VST does not contain any ester components. With the change to the VST, the swelling effect after more than 100,000 km and more than 10 years no longer applies.
    Is there an increased probability of leaks to be expected with the changeover? "

    15 minutes later (!) I received the following answer:

    "Should your seals have actually swollen due to the ester content, and
    If you have also covered up any leaks, then with the RAVENOL VST there is a risk that these leaks will come into play.
    We can neither rule out nor predict with certainty whether all of this will actually happen.
    However, we would generally advise you to stick with it if you are satisfied with the RAVENOL SSL
    so that the oiling is guaranteed faster at the start. "

    So my train of thought doesn't seem to have been that confused.

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  • I think my choice is the Gulf Competition 10W40.

  • So, the next oil change is on the agenda soon.

    My choice is now between Polytech 5W40, Gulf Competition 10W40 and the Ravenol HVE 10W50.

    Now I ask myself what makes the most sense .. boron .., tungsten + molybdenum .., or boron + tungsten + molybdenum?

  • The Gulf Competition 10W40 sounds like an excellent oil and successor to the Polytech 10W40 for my Alpina.

    Since many seem to have had good experiences with it in BMW engines, it might come next in the Alpina.

    And the fully synthetic ester can be used with all the old seals without any problems?

  • So he actually has no problems with noises. He's really running as smooth as silk.
    He only smokes blue now and then.

    Thanks for the invitation, but we're both from Graz. The distance is a bit too far.

    I don't think the Quartz 7000 is bad either, although the Rowe rather appeals to me.

  • Hi Guys,

    After getting excellent help in the forum for my Alpina, I now have a trickier question about a good friend's Mercedes.

    1. Car manufacturer, model, year of manufacture: Mercedes Benz SEC560, year of manufacture: December 1986
    2. Engine - diesel / petrol, displacement, power: M117 ECE, petrol, 5547 cm³, 220kW / 300PS
    3. Engine oil volume: 8 liters
    4. Driving profile - motorsport, short-long haul: Very mixed, the car is always warm and often pushed into the gas.
    5. Average speed (see BC, if any): not more than 50 KMH
    6. Planned oil change intervals: 10,000km - 15,000km, more likely 10,000km
    7. Mileage per year: max. 5000km, seasonal vehicle
    8. Total mileage of the vehicle (odometer reading): almost 200,000 km according to the speedometer
    9. Previously used oil: unknown, but 2-3 liters of mineral 10W40 already tipped in
    10. Oil consumption ml / 1,000km: approx. 1000ml, at the moment we have not yet clarified the oil consumption because it sometimes smokes blue when you accelerate.
    11. Which oil temperatures are reached: unknown
    12. Emissions standard, exhaust aftertreatment: without cat
    13. Manufacturer approvals and viscosities: no longer relevant due to age
    14. Manufacturer's guarantee or goodwill claims: no longer available
    15. Increase in performance available / planned: series
    16. Other irregularities, parts replacement, cleaning etc .: unknown
    17. Planned budget: unimportant
    18. Is contamination visible through the oil filler opening? No

    We came across which oil to use through an oil discussion. A trusted mechanic recommended the cheapest mineral 10W40 to him and said that he could take it best.

    Really a mineral 10W40? Due to the seal?

    Then what would be the best oil for his engine?
    A Valvoline MaxLife 10W-40 or would you prefer the Rowe Hightec Formula GT 10W-40 HC or something completely different?

    Thank you in advance for your answers!

  • Thank you, the said Addinol was also recommended several times in the E39 forum.

    Lately I also noticed a racing oil from Ravenol, namely the RSE 10W-50. The HVE 10W-50 also looks interesting.

    My personal favorite is still the Kroon-Oil.

  • Thank you Slex, roughly € 20,000. As an E39 enthusiast, that was the ultimate fulfillment for me, also because not many of them exist in Austria.

    The first thing I did with the vehicle in Austria was a great service, directly from BMW for the service booklet entry. I changed all fluids except for the gear oil.
    I now have very good and extensive experience with the E34, E39 and E60.
    I suspect that the gearbox was flushed because the gearbox shifts very cleanly and smoothly.

    But I'll definitely clarify it, because I'm interested in it myself.

    My current favorite is the Kroon-Oil Poly Tech 10W-40, which caught my eye during my research.
    I'll get in touch with the oil pirates, maybe there is a possibility. Otherwise I would already have someone in D.

  • Thank you very much first time!

    I looked for any information in the documents beforehand. Unfortunately without success because I can't decipher any Japanese at all ...
    An original BMW manual for the 528i / 540i is included and in the engine compartment there is a sticker from Castrol that says Alpina 10W-60 recommends.

    Unfortunately, I cannot understand which oil the previous owner used due to the language. And as already mentioned, hopefully not a 5W30, which by the way was also "recommended" to me by BMW ..

    Btw. I would like to find someone else in the course of this year who can translate everything for me, because these Japanese service reports in A3 format look quite interesting and are very detailed.

    Basically, I also ask myself whether it makes sense to change the oil every year if you drive 1000km a year? ..

    The engine temperature of the M62 is relatively "high" at 110 ° C, which unfortunately has no oil temperature sensor as standard. In addition, the engine turns almost into the red area in manual switching mode using Alpina's own software, where I tend to tend to an xW-50 oil. Although I have to say that I move the Alpina fairly gently and tend to avoid higher speed ranges!

    Here is a service sheet:

  • Hello first time,

    I have been the owner of an Alpina B10 V8 that was imported from Japan since last year. The vehicle has a complete service history up to the last KM, but completely in Japanese. The timing chain makes a nice impression and the engine doesn't make any suspicious noises.
    I came across the Addinol Super Racing 5W-50 through the E39 forum and had it filled in at the last service in 2017.

    But now I came across your forum and found threads for the M62B44 where a 10W- or 5W-40 is generally recommended ..
    After browsing the forum a bit all day today, I came to the realization that the Addinol with its additives and values ​​is quite different from other 5W-50 oils, such as the Amsoil Signature 5W50.

    Now we come to the question to all BMW, V8 specialists & Co, which oil would you personally choose for this engine and why? Thank you in advance!!

    1. Car manufacturer, model, year of construction:
    Alpina, B10 V8, 1998

    2. Engine - diesel / petrol, displacement, power:
    F3 (M62B44), 4619ccm, 340PS

    3. Engine oil volume:
    7.5 liters

    4. Driving profile - motorsport, short- long distance:
    pure summer vehicle - maximum Austrian motorway and between 25 - 100 km per exit,
    around 1000km annually

    5. What is the average speed:

    6. Planned oil change intervals:
    annually ??

    7. Total mileage:

    8. Oil used so far:
    Addinol Super Racing 5W-50

    9. Oil consumption ml / 1,000 km:

    10. Which oil temperatures are reached:

    11. Emission standard, exhaust aftertreatment:
    Euro 2

    12. Manufacturer approval, oil specification (vehicle manual):

    13. Manufacturer's guarantee or goodwill claims:

    14. Performance increase available / planned:
    The basis is the E39 540i with the M62B44 that provides 286PS -> Alpina has increased its performance through various changes to 340PS, drilled out to 4.6 liters, Alpina's own transmission software, etc.

    15. Other irregularities, parts replacement, cleaning etc .:

    16. Planned budget:
    no matter, the main thing is decent oil

    17. Is contamination visible through the oil filler opening?