What prevents people from committing perjury

criminal code (StGB)

special part  first section Treason of peace, high treason and endangerment of the democratic constitutional state  First title Betrayal of peace   § 80(dropped out) § 80aIncitement to the crime of aggression  Second title Treason   § 81High treason against the federal government § 82Treason against a country § 83Preparing a Treasonous Company § 83aActive repentance  Third title Endangering the democratic constitutional state   § 84Continuation of a party declared unconstitutional § 85Violation of a ban on association § 86Dissemination of propaganda material from unconstitutional organizations Section 86aUsing marks from unconstitutional organizations § 87Sabotage agent activity § 88Anti-constitutional sabotage § 89Anti-constitutional influence on the armed forces and public security organs § 89aPreparation of a serious act of violence endangering the state § 89bEstablishing relationships with the commission of a serious act of violence endangering the state § 89cTerrorist financing § 90Disparagement of the Federal President § 90aDenigration of the state and its symbols § 90bAnti-constitutional denigration of constitutional organs § 90cDenigration of symbols of the European Union § 91Instructions for the commission of a serious act of violence endangering the state Section 91ascope of application  Fourth title Common rules   § 92Definitions § 92aSide effects § 92bConfiscation  second part Treason and endangerment of external security   § 93Concept of state secret § 94Treason § 95Revealing state secrets § 96Treasonous spying; Exploration of state secrets § 97Disclosure of state secrets Section 97aRevealing illegal secrets Section 97bTreason in the mistaken assumption of an illegal secret § 98Treasonous agent activity § 99Secret service agent activity § 100Relationships endangering peace § 100aTreasonous forgery § 101Side effects Section 101aConfiscation  Third section Crimes against foreign states   § 102Attack against organs and representatives of foreign states § 103(dropped out) § 104Violation of flags and national emblems of foreign countries Section 104aLaw enforcement requirements  Fourth section Crimes against constitutional organs as well as in elections and votes; Bribery and bribery of elected officials   § 105Coercion of constitutional organs § 106Coercion of the Federal President and members of a constitutional body Section 106a(dropped out) Section 106bDisruption of the work of a legislative body § 107Electoral disability Section 107aElection fraud Section 107bForgery of election papers Section 107cViolation of voting secrecy § 108Electoral coercion Section 108aVoter deception Section 108bVoter bribery Section 108cSide effects Section 108dscope Section 108eBribery and bribery of elected officials  Fifth section Offenses against national defense   § 109Evasion of military service through mutilation Section 109aEvasion of military service through deception §§ 109band 109c (dropped out) Section 109dDisruptive propaganda against the Bundeswehr Section 109eActs of sabotage against means of defense Section 109fSecurity-endangering intelligence service Section 109gDepicting security endangering § 109hRecruiting for foreign military service Section 109iSide effects Section 109kConfiscation  Sixth section Resistance to state power   § 110(dropped out) § 111Public incitement to crime § 112(dropped out) § 113Resistance to law enforcement officers § 114Assault on law enforcement officers § 115Resisting or assaulting anyone on an equal footing with law enforcement officers §§ 116to 119 (dropped out) § 120Release of prisoners § 121Prison mutiny § 122(dropped out)  Seventh section Offenses against public order   § 123Trespassing § 124Serious trespassing § 125Breach of peace § 125aParticularly serious case of breach of the peace § 126Disturbing the public peace by threatening criminal offenses § 127Formation of armed groups § 128(dropped out) § 129Formation of criminal organizations § 129aFormation of terrorist groups Section 129bCriminal and terrorist organizations abroad; Confiscation § 130rabble-rousing § 130aInstructions on criminal offenses § 131Depiction of violence § 132Presumption of office § 132aAbuse of titles, job titles and badges § 133Breach of custody § 134Violation of official notices § 135(dropped out) § 136Entanglement break; Broken seal § 137(dropped out) § 138Failure to report planned crimes § 139Impunity for failure to report planned crimes § 140Rewarding and approving crime § 141(dropped out) § 142Unauthorized removal from the scene of the accident § 143(dropped out) § 144(dropped out) § 145Abuse of emergency calls and impairment of accident prevention and emergency aids § 145aViolation of instructions during management supervision § 145b(dropped out) § 145cViolation of the professional ban § 145dFeigning a crime  Eighth section Counterfeiting of money and stamps   § 146Counterfeiting § 147Placing counterfeit money on the market § 148Forgery of stamps § 149Preparation of counterfeiting of money and stamps § 150Confiscation § 151Securities § 152Money, stamps and securities from a foreign currency area § 152aCounterfeiting of payment cards, checks, bills of exchange and other physical, cashless payment instruments § 152bCounterfeiting of payment cards with a guarantee function § 152cPreparing for theft and misappropriation of payment cards, checks, bills of exchange and other physical non-cash payment instruments  Section ninth False unofficial testimony and perjury   § 153False, insulting statement § 154perjury § 155Affirmations on oath § 156False affirmation in lieu of oath § 157Testimony § 158Correction of an incorrect statement § 159Attempt to incite false testimony § 160Temptation to make false statements § 161Negligent wrongdoing; negligent false affirmation in lieu of oath § 162International dishes; national committees of inquiry § 163(dropped out)  Section 10 Wrong suspicion   § 164Wrong suspicion § 165Announcement of the conviction  Eleventh section Offenses related to religion and belief   § 166Insulting creeds, religious societies and ideological associations § 167Disturbance of the practice of religion Section 167aDisturbance of a funeral service § 168Disturbance of the dead rest  Twelfth section Offenses against civil status, marriage and the family   § 169Falsification of civil status § 170Breach of maintenance obligation § 171Violation of the duty of care or upbringing § 172Double marriage; double partnership § 173Sex between relatives  Section thirteenth Offenses against sexual self-determination   § 174Sexual abuse of wards Section 174aSexual abuse of prisoners, those in custody or the sick and those in need in institutions Section 174bSexual abuse taking advantage of an official position Section 174cSexual abuse taking advantage of a counseling, treatment or care relationship § 175(dropped out) § 176Child sexual abuse Section 176aSerious child sexual abuse Section 176bSexual abuse of children resulting in death § 177Sexual assault; sexual coercion; rape § 178Sexual assault, sexual coercion and rape resulting in death § 179(dropped out) § 180Promotion of sexual acts by minors § 180aExploitation of prostitutes §§ 180band 181 (deleted) Section 181aPimping Section 181bLeadership supervision Section 181c(dropped out) § 182Sexual abuse of adolescents § 183Exhibitionistic acts § 183aPublic nuisance § 184Dissemination of pornographic content § 184aDissemination of violent or animal pornographic content § 184bDissemination, acquisition and possession of child pornographic content § 184cDissemination, acquisition and possession of youth pornographic content § 184d(dropped out) § 184eOrganizing and attending child and youth pornography performances § 184fExercise of prohibited prostitution § 184gProstitution endangering young people § 184hDefinitions Section 184iSexual harassment § 184jCriminal offenses from groups § 184kInjury to the intimate area by taking pictures  Fourteenth section insult   § 185insult § 186Defamation § 187Defamation § 188Insult, defamation and defamation directed against persons involved in political life § 189Denigration of the memory of the deceased § 190Proof of truth through criminal judgment § 191(dropped out) § 192Insult despite evidence of the truth § 193Protection of legitimate interests § 194Criminal complaint §§ 195to 198 (dropped out) § 199Mutually committed insults § 200Announcement of the conviction  Section fifteenth Violation of personal life and secrecy   § 201Violation of the confidentiality of the word § 201aViolation of the very personal sphere of life and personal rights through taking pictures § 202Breach of the confidentiality of letters § 202aSpying on data § 202bInterception of data § 202cPrepare for data spying and interception § 202dData stealing § 203Violation of private secrets § 204Exploitation of foreign secrets § 205Criminal complaint § 206Breach of postal or telecommunications secrecy §§ 207to 210 (dropped out)  Sixteenth Section Offenses against life   § 211murder § 212homicide § 213Less severe case of manslaughter §§ 214and 215 (deleted) § 216killing on demand § 217Business promotion of suicide § 218Termination of pregnancy § 218aImpunity for the termination of pregnancy § 218bTermination of pregnancy without a medical diagnosis; incorrect medical statement § 218cMedical breach of duty in the event of an abortion § 219Advising pregnant women in an emergency and conflict situation § 219aAdvertisement for the termination of pregnancy § 219bPlacing on the market of means for the termination of pregnancy §§ 220and 220a (dropped out) § 221suspension § 222Negligent homicide