What makes a good and cheap website

How much does a homepage cost? So you will find a good price-performance ratio

When you start your own project or business, you have a lot of fixed costs that you can usually do little to change: Office space, insurance, technical equipment and even paper clips have their price. The positive: These costs can be calculated well in advance.

On the other hand, the costs for your own company website are less easy to plan. Because web agencies or freelancers rarely offer fixed prices, as each project is billed according to effort.

The price information is similarly confusing when researching online. So one finds prices on the Internet range from a few hundred to many thousands of euros - and that without a logo or the running costs for domains and hosting.

Against this background, most entrepreneurs assume that this price category should be roughly right. With today's technology, there are also completely different ways a professional website for less than 200 euros to create.

In this article, we're going to show how much a website should really cost today. To get straight to the point: It's a lot less than most people think ...


In this article you read:

  1. The fact is, websites used to be expensive and complicated
  2. You probably don't need to pay a professional
  3. What does a home-made homepage cost - and what can it do?
  4. What do I do if I have neither prior technical knowledge nor design skills?


The fact is, websites used to be expensive and complicated

Let's look back ten years into the past. Whereby, five years are enough: if you couldn't program yourself, you hired a web agency - that was quite normal and three to four-digit total prices had to be taken into account.

Of course, there was also the do-it-yourself variant back then. But the modular systems of the time were not really intuitive. Despite days of Sisyphean work, the result often looked mediocre in the end.

Today it's completely different. Website builders have made an enormous leap in the past few years: They are technically significantly more powerful, but at the same time much easier to operate. And for that monthly package prices you pay no more than lunch. Not bad for a service that allows your own business to be online in no time at all. Or?



Experience shows: you probably don't need to pay a professional

First of all, it should be said: a lot of web designers and developers do an excellent job. For complex web projects and special requirements, professionals are therefore worth their money.

For most smaller business websites, however, requirements and costs quickly become disproportionate:

Because what exactly do most companies need? A modern design and a few pages with the most important information, maybe a contact form, a location map and possibly a video. That's it.

Such homepages are now easily possible with a modular system (and a lot more). And: No one has to spend thousands of euros on the majority of company websites these days.


What does a home-made homepage cost - and what can it do?

For website builders, the price depends on the package you choose. With most providers, these cost around between 9 and 20 euros per month. The advantage of this is simple: you choose exactly the package that suits you.

Normally, a number of services are already included in the various packages - such as an individual domain, hosting, security, customer service and a few other things. In the case of agencies, however, these points are often billed as extra costs.

At Jimdo, for example, the packages start at 5 euros and cost up to 20 euros per month, depending on the range of functions. The different packages also offer different functions - for example for your own online shop, automatic SEO or more storage space. Hosting, fast support and security via HTTPS encryption are included in all packages.



What do I do if I have neither prior technical knowledge nor design skills?

Modern website builders are designed to do the work for users. This means that you do not have to acquire any programming knowledge yourself - the know-how of the developers and designers is already included in the kit.

That's why you don't need any prior knowledge for a website builder to make a change to your website later. It looks different with a website from an agency: If you want to change the opening times here, you need some knowledge to get everything done correctly.

Creating a website with Jimdo is particularly easy: The construction kit supports you with an active assistant so that you can quickly and easily create a professional website that is precisely tailored to your needs and industry.



Anyone who founds and manages a company generally has little time - and a number of fixed costs that are already a burden on the budget. Your own website, on the other hand, does not have to be time consuming or costly.

With modern website builders like Jimdo Dolphin, it's easy to create a professional website that represents your company and offers many features for your industry. And for a low price. Here's how to create a free website!

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