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TOP 10: The 10 fastest characters in the DC Comics multiverse

The world of DC Comics is home to some of the fastest characters imaginable. For most people, The Flash comes to mind when one thinks of the so-called "Fastest Man Alive". However, there are many other characters besides Barry Allen who could possibly also bear this title. Countless other Speedsters have been introduced into the DC Universe over the years. In addition, many of these Speedsters exist outside of the normal DC Universe, as part of the Multiverse. To shed some light on other Speedsters, here is our list of the 10 fastest characters in the DC Comics multiverse:

Place 10: Red Death

As one of the newest Speedsters in the Multiverse, Red Death is actually a dark mix of Batman and Flash from Earth-52. In the Dark Multiverse, this version of Bruce Wayne turned bad after failing to save those closest to him. To ensure that he would never be too slow again, he kidnapped Bruce Barry Allen and forced him to transfer his powers. However, something went wrong during the process and the two merged instead. While Bruce is in control, he has Barry on his mind and fights him at every turn. Because of this, Bruce actually has the potential to go much faster, but Barry's constant recoil only hampers his abilities.

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9th place: Jay Garrick from Earth 2

Of course, the original Flash is by far one of the fastest in the Multiverse. While Jay is nowhere near the fastest, he's still one of the most important speedsters in all of DC history. His experiences, discoveries and time as Flash helped lay the foundation for all other Speedsters after him. Likewise, Jay is also a slightly older character and has often expressed that he is no longer as fast as he used to be. At his best, Jay would probably end up a little higher on this list. Given his age, the fact that he's still that fast is all the more impressive.

8th place: Flash from Earth 33

Less is known about Earth 33 per se. However, there is still enough information about Flash from this earth to understand just how fast it really is. Her real name is unknown, but she claims to be the guardian of the Speed ​​Force. In addition, she has found some magical and other supernatural connections between the Speed ​​Force and her own abilities. For this reason, one can assume that it is almost unimaginably fast. She has also been shown to have extra powers that most speedsters don't. Since there's no way of knowing exactly how fast it is right now, this version of Flash ends up a little lower than it maybe should.

7th place: Black Racer

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Black Racer is often viewed as death itself. While he was actually once human, Darkseid finally gave him his powers. As a Black Racer, he has a particular interest in Flash and other speedsters as they are typically the only individuals able to overtake him. But that doesn't mean that it is by no means slow. At the moment, the Black Racer is officially the fifth fastest character in the main DC universe. Because of this, he's faster than many other Speedsters in both the DC Main Universe and the Multiverse.

6th place: Superman

The interesting thing about Superman’s speed is that he actually has no connection with the Speed ​​Force. Even so, he's still one of DC's fastest characters. For a while it was even thought to be faster than Flash itself. But according to DC itself, Superman is the fourth fastest character in the DC main universe. While some are still faster than him, the fact that he is still faster than so many other speedsters is impressive. Also, it's amazing that Superman can reach such speeds without being connected to the Speed ​​Force.

5th place: Black Flash

The interesting thing about Black Flash is that technically he's not a character. Instead, he's a presence within the Speed ​​Force itself, whose sole purpose is to accommodate a Speedster at the time of his death. Strictly speaking, Black Flash isn't really a villain, but rather a force of nature. Regardless, since his entire existence revolves around catching people fast enough to escape death, it's easy to see how he ranks a little higher on this list.

4th place: Wallace West from Earth 22

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Earth 22 is better known as the Kingdom Come universe. In this alternate future, older versions of superheroes struggle with how heroism has evolved. Here Wally West is still The Flash. But after a point his connection to the Speed ​​Force grew so much that he could not stop. Wally is in a constant state of motion in the universe and is constantly traveling at incredible speeds. While he remains a hero, this version of Flash is by far one of the fastest. Since Wally is already faster than Barry, it makes sense that an older, more experienced version of Wally should still rank this high.

3rd place: Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne is by far Barry Allen's greatest opponent. Thawne has tortured and improved Barry in unimaginable ways over the years. With the Negative Speed ​​Force at his side, Thawne gets faster and faster. Technically, he's actually faster than Barry. However, at the end of virtually every encounter between the two, Barry always gets faster than Thawne. Because of this, it's easy to see how Thawne is ranked that high but not that high either.

2nd place: Barry Allen

As the most popular version of The Flash, Barry Allen has overcome multiple challenges across the DC Universe. In addition, Barry himself is also the creator of the Speed ​​Force, which gives him one of the strongest and purest connections to it. As a result, Barry has gotten faster and faster over the years, either by putting pressure on himself or by studying the Speed ​​Force. Likewise, his Justice League experience helped him improve. But despite all that Barry has achieved as The Flash, he's still not the fastest person in the Multiverse.

1st place: Wally West

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Wally West is not only the fastest living human in the main DC Universe, but also in the entire DC Multiverse. While some may doubt this claim, it was recently confirmed in the brand new "Flash Forward" (Vol 1) # 1. Although Barry may have created the Speed ​​Force, Wally studied it for much longer. In addition, Wally has pushed the boundaries as The Flash, building a stronger connection with the Speed ​​Force. Overall, Wally has accomplished all sorts of feats like The Flash and proven time and time again that he really is the fastest person alive.