What are the benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a flourishing industry these days and is used in many ways to bring services and products to customers in a modern way. There are different areas in the field of digital marketing, the functions of which respond specifically to the specific inquiries and needs of the user.

The different methods of digital marketing

The Email Marketing is considered to be one of the most successful marketing strategies of all, because almost 99% of people check their emails every day. Customers who provide their e-mail address (often in exchange for free samples or discounts) regularly receive advertising by e-mail and are thus bound to the distributor in terms of both interests and trust.

But that is also becoming more and more popular and successful Social media marketing, because this source makes it easy to address the desired target group and keep it entertaining. There are over 3.5 billion social media users worldwide who are active an average of 120 minutes a day. Ascending trend. The potential of this form of marketing is enormous, as the social media experts from www.second-elements.de revealed.

This is a clever method for customer loyalty Community management. Because so much is digital, there is often a lack of community. With community management, a community is built up with customers, there are six different models. It can be done through chat forums and / or social media as well as through cooperation with loyal customers who represent the brand.

The Content marketing uses digitization to build a particularly positive customer relationship, because exciting channels are used that bring customers into contact with the brand. This can be blog posts and e-books, but also surveys, studies and games. Content marketing should arouse the customer's interest in an informative, but above all entertaining way.

Online PR is similar to traditional PR in many areas. For example, you can work with copywriters on digital platforms and blogs, or the brand can be represented at exhibitions and trade fairs. A modern method is influencer marketing, in which, for example, a popular Instagram personality uses their existing audience to promote the brand.

By Search engine marketing(SEM) the customer can be shown exactly the advertising that corresponds to his interests. For example, if certain keywords are entered into Google search, a linked advertisement will appear next to the search results. This makes it possible to reach the customer at exactly the right moment and also promotes brand awareness.

The Search engine optimization(SEO) helps to make websites more visible on the Internet. An SEO - optimized website uses certain keywords and techniques that are classified as relevant by Google and therefore make the page appear higher up in the search results of the user.

For the Paid advertising an advertising space is purchased on a selected website. Payment is based on how many people see or click on the advertisement. There are various sub-categories of paid advertising, for example display ads. A display ad is a mostly interactive image or animation that quickly attracts the customer's attention.


Those who use the above marketing methods specifically for their company will ideally reach their target group and benefit from long-term success. Digital marketing is therefore a matter that should not be underestimated in which to invest.

This article was written in collaboration with external editor Sy. Kohlin.