Why do CEOs fail

3 reasons why the digital transformation fails because of the CEOs

Reason # 3: The CEOs shy away from the change process

A holistic approach to change processes is essential

Times of change are not easy times. They are often uncomfortable, exhausting and can be frightening due to their uncertainty and momentary instability. But they are also extremely exciting and instructive and ultimately the core of every successful and competitive company. The digital transformation cannot be mastered in individual departments or think tanks but must encompass all areas of the company in order to be successful. The company as a whole must be included, which also means that the people who work there must also be integrated into the change process.

Rejection of change processes

One of the biggest hurdles, resp. Challenges of the digital transformation: Some can be enthusiastic about a change and others reject the new completely. The majority of employees are somewhere in between and can sometimes warm up a little more or a little less to the upcoming change. However, as mentioned, digital change can only be successfully implemented if all employees stand behind it and implement the changes in their everyday life and live them. It is therefore very difficult to lead this heterogeneous group through such a change process as a digital transformation and it is truly not an easy task - classic change management is required.

Personal reasons for resistance

In addition to the general operational resistance and barriers, there are personal aspects of the individual employees and departments. The digital transformation is shifting the importance of individual areas of the company and many are afraid of losing their importance or even their jobs. These reorganizations affect entire departments as well as individuals. Making them understand the need for these changes is extremely difficult and requires great sensitivity. With such a change it is often not clear to them that without it there is much more at stake for them and that their function or position is even more endangered in this case. If the company refuses to carry out the necessary reformations, sooner or later it will feel the economic consequences, which in turn will have significant consequences for the employees.

Giving up / handing over responsibility is difficult

Another factor that should not be neglected in digital change processes is that many CEOs, as well as management in general, often find it difficult to give younger employees from promising areas of the company more influence and thus to give up some of their responsibility and influence. That is certainly not easy, but it is absolutely necessary for the success of the company.