Why tourism is important for municipal tourism

Promote tourism in rural areas

Sea, mountains, cultural sites - Germany has a lot to offer in terms of tourism. This is also confirmed in the development of the tourism figures. More domestic and foreign guests and, as a result, growing economic performance - that is the conclusion of the Federal Government's tourism policy report for the current legislative period. The tourism industry employs 2.9 million people, has a gross value added of 100 billion euros and thus accounts for 4.4 percent of Germany's economic output. At the same time, however, tourism is being hampered globally by international terrorism. Since Germany is considered a safe travel destination, tourism is only marginally influenced by it.

Foreign tourists especially often Dutch

There is now an increase in demand from domestic tourists for the eleventh time in a row, and for the seventh time more tourists are coming to Germany from abroad. In 2016 there were 11 million more overnight stays than in the previous year. Most of the foreign holidaymakers come from the Netherlands and Switzerland, followed by the Arab Gulf States, China and Poland. The income from stays by foreign holidaymakers has increased by 7.5 billion euros since the last report. Overall, however, domestic tourism accounts for 82 percent of overnight stays in the hospitality industry. However, the trends in Germany vacations are disadvantageous for rural areas. Not only is the average length of stay steadily decreasing - at 2.7 days, the trend is clearly towards short breaks - at the same time, city trips are also becoming increasingly popular. In the big cities there were 15 percent more overnight stays than in 2012. In rural areas, the number of overnight stays rose "only" by just under six percent.

"The tourist potential is undoubtedly there," says Carsten Hansen from the DStGB. "They have to be used consistently." That is why Hansen advises rural regions to work in close cooperation with urban destinations in their vicinity. A mobility offer that ensures the accessibility of rural regions for vacationers at all times is also a key to being able to benefit from tourism. The next issue of KOMMUNAL will provide you with detailed tips for successful tourism management. From June 20, the issue will be in the mailboxes of our around 100,000 subscribers and, as always, will also be available at the kiosk.

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