Pleated skirts can be shortened


For a long time, the pleated skirt was considered old-fashioned and conservative. Fortunately, the dusty and conservative image has been a thing of the past last summer. Pleated skirts are now more diverse than ever and the possible combinations are also broad. Today we will show you how to best combine pleated skirts and what to consider when styling pleated skirts.

Styling tips for everything to do with pleated skirts

In principle, every woman can wear a pleated skirt if the length and the rest of the outfit match. The skirt should play around the legs advantageously. From knee-length lengths to midi and maxi skirts, everything is possible. Young girls and women can also choose the short version.

In order not to make the look look old-fashioned, the pleated skirt should be skilfully staged. Since the pleated skirt is a great combination partner, there are several options depending on the mood and the occasion:


  • Sweet & playful: Combine delicate pastel colors and ballerinas with a pleated skirt
  • Casual & rocky: The pleated skirt looks edgy with ankle boots and leather jacket
  • Sporty & trendy: In times of the athleisure trend, sneakers and blousons are ideal combination partners
  • Elegant: The pleated skirt looks particularly feminine with high heels and a waist belt and is the perfect outfit for going out in the evening

The most difficult point on the pleated skirt is the waistband, because this is where the folds come out. To cover a wide waist, you can, for example, wear an oversized sweater over it. Alternatively, you can tuck the top into the skirt and pull a blazer or blouson over it. Women with a narrow waist can emphasize this with an additional waist belt.

In any case, the skirt should be the focus of the outfit and put all other items of clothing in the background. The color of the overall outfit should be rather uniform, as heavily patterned tops can quickly look overloaded. The single-colored skirt already creates an optical contrast through its folds. Therefore, plain-colored tops go best with a pleated skirt. Light blouses and short sweaters that just barely cover the waistband are further ideal combination partners.

Pleated skirts also love the interaction with different materials. Casual leather jackets or coarse knitwear go particularly well with pleated blinds and take the austerity away from the outfit.

Dare to try unusual combinations with a certain something Aha effect to wear.

Pleated skirt: what to watch out for

Pleated blind Fashion experts call fabrics that have been ironed in wrinkles in close succession. So-called pleated skirts were frowned upon for a long time, until Gucci's star designer Alessandro Michele made the slightly quirky secretary look chic again in 2016. Since then, the pleated skirt has developed into a true it-piece and is more diverse than ever. From fine to super-fine pleated, whether in a shimmering metallic look, with color blocking, with print, in delicate powder tones or summery white - almost anything is possible in 2017.

Nevertheless, the pleated skirt is sometimes said to be bulky and anything but figure-flattering. Indeed, it can sometimes happen that the fine folds of the pleated blind fan out as soon as the body stretches the fabric slightly, and ultimately you look wider Not all pleated blinds are created equal! Search and try until you find what flatters your figure. In order not to emphasize your hips too much, the skirt should be cut in a slight A-line. In addition, heavier materials prevent the folds from fanning out. So maybe a pleated leather skirt is also an option for you.

In case of doubt, very strong women should rather use a different skirt if they feel uncomfortable. Finally, as always, the motto is that above all you have to please yourself.


The pleated skirt has already celebrated its comeback several times: In the 20s it was worn for sport, in the 50s the pleated skirt was a perfect match for the Miss chic of the economic miracle and in the 80s it was present on all catwalks. At the beginning of the 1990s, Issey Miyake even devoted her own “Pleats, please” line to pleated pleats. So you can be sure that the trend will come back over and over again!

Therefore: Investments are worth it!

The pleated skirt: our outfit of the month

To illustrate the versatility of the pleated skirt, we are showing you two different wearing styles in today's outfit of the month.

My personal favorite outfit consists of an ecru-colored pleated skirt in a satin look. The overall picture remains very harmonious in terms of color and does not appear too overloaded. Sneakers and a matching blouson break up the outfit and give it a certain sportiness. The sweatshirt flashes with gemstones from under the blouson, but doesn't steal the show from the skirt. The perfect casual look for during the day.

The second variant is elegant and feminine. The combination of pleated skirt, high heels and waist belt turn the look into chic in a flash. The velvet body creates additional tension through the material. Studded pumps bring additional coolness. Add a clutch and the perfect outfit for going out is ready!

Pleated skirts: Favorite skirt not just for summer

I love my pleated skirts because they are so flexible and easy to combine! I always come up with new combination options, be it with a short lace shirt, blouson or logo shirt. New and surprising combinations bring momentum to your everyday life and show that the pleated skirt is anything but conservative.

When you've found the right skirt, a pleated skirt is also really figure-flattering. The great thing about it is that you don't have to leave it in boxes after the summer, but can also be worn wonderfully with oversized sweaters and ankle boots in autumn. So: get yourself a pleated skirt as quickly as possible!

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