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After Dominika (Jennifer Lawrence) helped send a disgraced oligarch into the afterlife, the former prima ballerina must expect to be eliminated as well. But her uncle Vanya (Matthias Schoenaerts), who belongs to the top management of the Russian foreign intelligence service SWR, has other plans. He sends his niece to the "sparrow school" where she is supposed to learn the art of seduction for espionage purposes. However, the fact that her body belongs to the state from now on puts her loyalty and patriotism to the test. After her training, she is supposed to expose a traitor in the ranks of the SWR. Your assignment is to set a Venus trap from the CIA agent Nathaniel Nash (Joel Edgerton) in order to elicit secret information from him. The Americans are planning the same thing: Nash knows Dominika's biography, thinks it is a promising source and wants to recruit her. "Red Sparrow" is based on the novel by former CIA officer Jason Matthews. Francis Lawrence ("The Hunger Games - Catching Fire") has reinvented the history of the literary model in many details. With psychological skills, Lawrence gives the viewer the feeling that he has seen through the agents' game - until the next surprising twist. Jennifer Lawrence convinces as an ice cold Russian spy who feels used and humiliated by her own people. Most of the other roles are also top-class - including Charlotte Rampling as the trainer for the Sparrows and Jeremy Irons as the Russian general.