See music as language

Music scene and youth language

Music is a topic that quickly gets people talking. Because music tastes and the opinions of the people who listen to it are as different as the music itself. Music often plays an important role, especially in the world of younger German learners. This teaching tip takes on the topic and trains the vocabulary around the music scene and youth language.

Here's how you can do it:
Invite the learners to do the interactive exercise associated with the video sequence 1 Jam session edit with a partner. Then watch the video episode together The EINSHOCH6 party and let the learner do exercise 2 with their partner What can you see in the video? to complete. After the overall understanding has been secured, the learner pairs work on exercise 3 What is right? and present their results from exercise 2 and 3 in the plenary session.

Now it's getting creative: In small working groups, the learners are asked to create a poster for a jam session by EINSHOCH6 using the newly learned vocabulary. The groups are allowed to complete the assignment from exercise 4 Anglicisms use as an aid. Please allow the use of (electronic) dictionaries.

Finally, split the worksheet Lightning rhyme out. In class, clarify what a rhyme is. Give your learners at least five minutes to find as many rhymes as possible on the given words, alone or in pairs. Those with the most rhymes won. Encourage your learners to improvise a verse like the freestylers in the Band Diary episode, also by using some of their own rhymes from the exercise.

Required materials:
Lesson: "The EINSHOCH6 Party" (video and exercises)
Worksheet "Blitzreim"
Poster paper


The format in brief:
With the Band diary Learners discover Germany and German hip-hop: The Munich band EINSHOCH6 takes them on a journey across Germany. The learners accompany the band in their video diary to the studio, to the soccer game, to the Berlin Wall or to the Christmas market. The songs from the albums “Lass uns Rede” and “Reise um die Welt” as well as cool music videos turn the band diary into a learning format with hit potential.

For each video episode there is a so-called lesson with interactive exercises and numerous materials to download. You can find the latter when you go to the "Downloads and Links" tab in the lesson. In a separate area for teachers, we have also put together all the handouts and worksheets for using the series in class. There are both accompanying materials, which are closely based on the respective episode and above all serve the understanding of the content, as well as a separate activity book with particularly creative and playful tasks.