Where can I publish my groceries


According to Section 40, Paragraph 1a of the Food, Consumer Goods and Feed Code (LFGB), the competent authorities are obliged, if there is sufficient suspicion, to inform the consumer by naming the responsible company
1. Exceeding defined limit values ​​/ maximum levels / maximum quantities in the area of ​​application of the LFGB (food and feed) or
2. the presence in the food or feed of a substance that is not permitted or prohibited under the provisions of this Act or
3. all other violations of hygiene regulations or regulations that serve to protect health or protection against deception, if they occur to a not inconsiderable extent or repeatedly and for which a fine of at least € 350 is to be expected,
to inform immediately.
According to the will of the legislature, certain prominent legal violations should be published regardless of the existence of the other requirements under this law. A naming of names is now mandatory when the listed legal violations are ascertained. The authorities do not have any discretion in this regard. Reference is made to the justification for the law in printed matter 17/7374 of the German Bundestag.
The authority must be dutifully convinced that the breach must be duly justified on the basis of facts; the mere - unexplained - suspicion of a violation is not sufficient for the far-reaching interference in the business of the food or feed company associated with the publication. The test results according to No. 1 and 2 must be confirmed by a second test. The state's official food and feed testing facilities are accredited in accordance with European law in accordance with Art. 12 Paragraph 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004.
The information should also take into account the interest of consumers in reliable official information about the market environment. In the event of legal violations due to limit values ​​being exceeded or evidence of prohibited substances, regardless of the severity of the violation, there is a particular interest of the public to find out which food or feed is contaminated with inadmissible pollutants or undesirable substances.

The results of official control activities in accordance with this regulation are posted nationwide on the website
www.verbrauchinfo-bw.de published.

The main purpose of the publication is to actively inform the consumer for reasons of regulatory transparency and should not be misunderstood as a warning about the products or establishments listed. The information presented should therefore not be confused with other forms of publication (public warnings) according to this Act, which serve to avert danger to the health of the consumer or to avoid significant misleading. You can find public warnings about such products across Germany on the portal www.lebensmittelwarnung.des and, specifically for Baden-Württemberg, on the website of the Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection at www.mlr-bw.de/de/unser-service/lebensmittel-und- product warnings

Further questions and answers can be found at www.verbübersinfo.ua-bw.de/faq.asp

Here you can see the results for the Rottweil district:

Results of official controls according to LFGB_Landkreis_Rottweil