What is a Hotel Marketing Mix 7Ps

At a glance: The "7P" of the marketing mix

The main task of the operational marketing planning is to coordinate and integrate the marketing instruments according to the strategy. Classic marketing theory distinguishes between four central tasks: Product, Price, Place, Promotion. These "4P" were supplemented especially with regard to service marketing: Personnel, process management, physical facilities.

A successful marketing mix must be the central task of marketing planning: It is optimal interaction of the instruments the product, price, distribution and communication policy as well as the personnel, process and equipment policy.

A successful combination results in Synergy effectsso that a set goal can be achieved in the best possible way.

1. Product (product design)

  • What do the company's products / services have to look like in order to meet the needs of customers?
  • The Product policy aspects are assigned such as:
    • quality
    • style
    • Brand name
    • packaging
    • size
    • service
    • Guarantees

2. Price (pricing)

  • How does the price of the product / service have to be determined so that it is accepted by the customer?
  • Pricing includes:
    • Determination of prices
    • Discounts / quantity surcharges
    • Terms of payment
    • Credit terms

3. Place (Distribution)

  • How does the product get to the customer as simply, quickly and inexpensively as possible?
  • The following factors play a role in the Distribution policy a role:
    • Sales channels
    • Intermediary
    • Locations
    • Warehousing
    • Transportation options

4. Doctorate (communication)

  • How can the company / manufacturer make customers aware of the product or convince them to buy?
  • Keywords of the Communication policy are:
    • advertising
    • Personal sale
    • Sales promotion
    • public relations

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5. Personnel (personnel policy)

  • What are the Capacity and qualification needs of the staff?
  • This includes:
    • quantity
    • quality
    • Training needs
    • Incentive programs
    • etc.

6. Process Management

7. Physical facilities (equipment policy)

  • Which physical equipment should be available?
  • These include, for example:
    • Type of building
    • Customer lounge
    • reception
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