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Henrik Reif Andersen, co-founder and CSO of Configit, still remembers the events that led to the founding of Configit:

In 1996 I was a professor of computer science at ITU in Denmark, working on configuration solutions.

In June of the same year an unmanned rocket from the European Space Agency exploded just 40 seconds after launch. This rocket, dubbed the Ariane 5, made its first voyage in a decade of development and costing $ 7 billion. The investigation into the cause of the explosion revealed that it was caused by a software error in the inertial measurement system. Specifically, there was an error converting the rocket's horizontal velocity from a 64-bit to a 16-bit floating point number. The resulting number was larger than the largest storable number, which is why the necessary conversion failed.

As I watched this event, I realized that the research we were doing at the time could hold the key to preventing such accidents from happening in the future. "

This research ultimately led to Virtual Tabulation® (VT), a patented, compilation-based software that is now included in all Configit products and solutions. VT calculates all possible valid configurations before a product is manufactured, thus ensuring that only valid configurations are passed on to the production area.

Configit has been growing steadily since its foundation and develops products and solutions for digital transformation, the Internet of Things and the increasing spread of software products. Configit is proud to support companies with complex configuration problems through cooperation with its customers and partners and to help shape the future of configuration software.

Configit is a dynamic, high-growth company

  • Acquisition by Polaris Private Equity

    Manage more than € 1 billion in assets

  • Average sales growth of 32%

    Year-on-year since 2011

  • Headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Offices in the US, UK and Germany

  • Strong global customer base

    Including major companies in the automotive and IMC industries



Founding of Configit and registration of the patent for VT


Configit Model released


Configit Quote published


Branch opened in Chennai, India


Virtual Tabulation® patent granted in the USA


Configit Ace released


Patent for Virtual Tabulation® granted in the EU


Offices opened in Atlanta, Georgia and Warwick, UK


Branch opened in Düsseldorf, Germany


Acquisition of 3Dfacto and launch of Configit Build


Configit receives the "Børsen’s Gazelle Award" as the fastest growing company in Denmark.


Acquisition by Polaris Private Equity


Launch of Quote Cloud


Detroit, Michigan office opened

We solve complex configuration problems

All of our solutions are based on Virtual Tabulation®, a multi-patented configuration technology that can be easily integrated into applications that address configuration challenges across all business functions. Thanks to strategic partnerships with industry-leading system integrators, Configit a community of platform apps and services created to serve its customers even better services To be able to offer. With the help of our products for capturing product knowledge from systems and HR, companies can complete and release new products and product versions faster - both in the market and in downstream systems, which enables our customers a significant competitive advantage realize.