Why is adoption restricted

Adoption of a child in Germany, domestic adoption

The adoption office in Bremen advises mothers and fathers who want to adopt a stranger, relative or stepparent. The adoption office checks the suitability of the applicants and arranges the placement of children with new parents. The aptitude test takes place through participation in a seminar, documents to be submitted, discussions and home visits. Only after a positive test are they recognized as adoption applicants. The adoption office team determines which adoptive parents are chosen for a child. The child's well-being always comes first. Mediation takes place when the development of a parent-child relationship can be expected.


Anyone wishing to adopt a child must have unlimited legal capacity. For married couples, they can only adopt together. In principle, adoptive parents must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum age of 25 years - for married couples: one spouse must be at least 25 years old, the other at least 21 years old.
  • Proof of secure income or adequate financial security must be provided.
  • The professional situation must allow enough time for the child to be brought up.
  • The health must be proven by a health certificate. A doctor's certificate is sufficient here. A leaflet to be presented to the doctor is available from the adoption office.
  • The impunity must be confirmed by a police clearance certificate. An extended certificate of good conduct is required here. You can obtain a certificate for submission to the city office at the adoption office.
  • The partnership should have lived in the same household for at least four years.
  • The adoptive parents must respect the child's religion or the desire for a religious upbringing of the birth parents.
  • No parallel medical procedures may be pursued to overcome one's own childlessness.

Joint adoption is given preferential treatment. Forsingle applicants Adoption is only possible if:

  • a related child is admitted.
  • a meaningful relationship already exists with the child.
  • the familiar living environment is preserved through the adoption.
  • it is ensured that the child grows up in stable social conditions.