Are freelancers depressed and lonely

Freelance and alone: ​​15 tips on the way out of loneliness

Not only the physical distance to partner, family or friends leads to loneliness, but also a lack of social contacts. The loneliness caused by social isolation is far more serious because it can end in depression. Affected IT freelancers are in a very bad starting position, as their job requires a lot of initiative to approach people, make contacts, build networks, etc. If there is no inner drive, the chances of success for projects are low.

So what to do Of course, the aforementioned tips also apply in this situation. But in order to find the courage to even approach strangers, some additional advice should be heeded:


  1. Be honest with yourself. Admit to yourself when you are lonely.
  2. Realize that loneliness is the result of negative attitudes towards yourself, towards others, towards life.
  3. Whenever you feel inferior and lonely, watch your thoughts. Write down why. And then apply the four rules of so-called "healthy thinking":

    a.Does the thought correspond to the facts?
    b.Does he make me feel the way I want to feel?
    c.Does the thought help me achieve my short and long term goals?
    d.Is there a positive alternative to this thought?
  4. Treat yourself to something good every day - and praise yourself.
  5. Make yourself externally attractive and don't let yourself go. Pay attention to your clothes, as well as your facial expressions and your posture.
  6. Smile This is not only good for you, it also makes you more attractive. Try to take things with a sense of humor.
  7. Make eye contact with five people every day and show that you are ready to make contact.
  8. Very important: self-opening. It is the key to greater emotional closeness. Only by opening up, confiding in others - even at the risk of being hurt - and telling them your wishes and needs does depth and closeness arise. In addition, you have the feeling that you have both feet on the ground and you no longer feel so invisible.
  9. Beware of overly perfectionist, unrealistic demands on those around you. But pay attention to your needs.
  10. In general: Try to live sensibly and authentically, this leads to more satisfaction and "being anchored" in life.


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